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Always next year
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Beane, I will not respond to anymore of your comments that you direct towards me to create a fight. I will be man enough to join you in a conversation on the boards and try to get along with you. I have apologized to the members and have shown I have tried to make peace with you and if you want to continue being a child, go ahead.

Sure, I'm a troll I guess. I am just trying to bring up topics and things to learn and have fun with. Some people may like some of my posts well others may not but I try and I wont stop, call me a troll.

Troll MaddEnemy

EDITED: thanks for ruining another topic

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Originally posted by MaddEnemy
If that is the case, where is Native America month?
It is November.

buckeye covered some of the other ones.
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Always next year
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Originally posted by Doug Graham
It is November.

buckeye covered some of the other ones.
yeah, that is cool. I never heard of it but glad to see other races being reconized

EDIT: Hold that one against me sometime Mr. Bean
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I just don't know what to say. Never got any of that, and if there was some sort of delivery failure, YOU would have been notified.

"I believe in [a] God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings." -Albert Einstein
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I'm not sure what you're getting from all this but for the record, it sure is brassy for someone who calls anyone a n*****, & thanks James Earl Ray for a day off, to start a thread about blacks having their own history month.

At the beginning, you wonder why they have one & point out other races should also. Then you're informed of how many other races do & say...Wow, didn't know that. But in the same post you throttle up the obvious ax you have to grind by pointing out that blacks always raise a stink, work the system & that if they cry enough, they get what they want.

& then you apologize in the next post & ask for a second chance?? This is you turning over a new leaf??? With your track record on the subject??? Then you complain about KB treating you bad. Cut the crap, will ya??

So far you've done exactly what KB always said. You troll for reaction with threads/statements that are obviously set up for it. This thread was started with you once again stating something you apparently had zero knowledge of which was that no other race was recognized. Of course in your slick willy way of phrasing it in a question, allows you the "out" like you've used before....."But I never said it." Quit playing amateur wordsmith & politician. You're not that quick....

I'm sure you don't notice but I don't post to you cuz I've been of the mind that you were somewhat of a troll. I never said anything cuz I thought possibly you were trolling just to spark conversation even tho that's manipulation & not honest. Then I thought you just liked to see your name at the start of threads.

But since your infamous n***** posts & subsequent James Earl Ray & now the black history month whine, you're firmly entrenched in my book as an [ internet edit] troll.....

So if you thought it was just KB that got that feeling, this post aughta clear that up. I'll be real interested if you take the slant that this is how you come across & just quietly take this under consideration & back off the obvious subject or you pull a 'Beane" & start complaining that I'm also being mean to you.....
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Where am I?
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Well, let me do the following three things:
1. Thank Tarkus for hitting the proverbial nail on the head. Tarkus usually likes to lighten the mood, but took a moment, put on his serious hat, and handed MaddEnemy the talking-to he needed and deserved.
Thanks, Tark.
2. Suggest that folks who are concerned enough with the rationale behind Minority History Months to the point of starting threads debasing them probably aren't folks I want to discuss ANYTHING with. What's the line from the They Might Be Giants song? "I can't stand talking to you and your racist friend"
3. Close this thread. I don't think I need to enumerate why.

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