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Default Silver Dragon's "Picks For Kicks" Week 3

Last week didnít work out to well as my picks came in under .500 at 7-9. Thatís OK. An under .500 week was bound to happen at least once, and what better time than during the preseason. So with the combination of week 1 in the preseason I am currently 16 of 32 or 16-16 (.500). I will definitely be looking to improve this week as we draw closer to the regular season. Although some starters wonít be taking the field until the opening day of the regular season, we can start to expect to see others staying on the field for longer durations of time.

Thursday, Aug. 23rd

Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers (8:00 PM)
Byron Leftwich may have finally started to find some chemistry with his offense in the second quarter of their match up last week with Tampa, but it was all against the Tampa backups. This could prove to be a problem once the regular season starts. As for Green Bay, Brett Favre seems to be connecting with his new rookies James Jones and Brandon Jackson. After serving up a beating to Seattle last week, Iím going to show a little bit of faith in the home team this week.
Green Bay takes the home game over Jacksonville

New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs (8:30 PM)
I have no doubt the Saints will be a competitive team this year. They just donít want to cooperate with my picks during the preseason. Their 1-1 record has me 0-2 making my picks (HOF game not included). Kansas City on the other hand has continued to find ways to lose the games as I have expected. So Iím going to contain this pick to the outcome for Kansas City.
Chiefs LOSE another preseason game

Friday, Aug. 24th

Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills (7:00 PM)
Vince Young got his fair share of hard licks in the backfield last week as New Englandís defense batted him around a bit. However, the Titans still managed to pull off the win by outscoring New England 20-7 in the second half. It was Buffalo who couldnít close the deal, losing to a Vickless Atlanta team.
Titans take a ďWĒ from the Bills

New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers (8:00 PM)
Not that these games matter, but New England has been rather unimpressive this preseason as they find themselves 0-2 going into Week 3. Tom Brady took a couple of hard knocks in the Tennessee games that resulted in two interceptions. As for Carolina, Jake Delhomme has looked a bit up and down as he struggled to get things going for his team last week.
Panthers rebound for another win

St. Louis Rams at Oakland Raiders (10:00 PM)
The Raiders may have pulled off a victory against Arizona in Week 1, but they couldnít finish last week against the 49ers. Inability to finish seems to be a growing trend in Oakland as JaMarcus Russell is still alluding signing any contract with the team. The Rams, on the other hand, had their own problems against San Diego last week. However, lets not confuse a San Diego team with an Oakland team. Rams should have no problems this week.
Rams find light in the Black Hole

Saturday, Aug. 25th

Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts (7:00 PM)
Letís face it. The Lions have actually looked good during this preseason going 2-0 up to this point. The Colts on the other hand are sitting at 0-2. If this were the starters records and this were the regular season, Iíd be tempted to pick Detroit for this win, but we arenít talking about the starters here, and it is still only preseason. With that in mind, Iíll give this one to our defending Super Bowl champs.
Colts pick up their first preseason victory

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Miami Dolphins (7:30 PM)
For two weeks in a row, the Dolphins hopefuls have pulled together a fourth quarter victory before time ran out. Question is, can they continue to pull out the win in another interstate match up as they welcome the Buccaneers into their home field? After slipping way with a win against a mostly none attentive Patriots team, they found defeat to Jacksonville who decided to keep their starters in just a little bit longer. Tough call, letís give this one to the home team.
Miami continues to bring the sunshine over South Florida

Baltimore Ravens at Washington Redskins (8:00 PM)
I guess you could say that I was a little shocked to see Baltimore fall this week to New York, but only a little. This week they will travel to FedEx Field to match up with the Redskins. I wouldnít count on two losses in a row. Even by the 2nd and 3rd teams.
Baltimore holds Redskins away from victory

Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans (8:00 PM)
Itís the battle of the Lone Star State as Dallas will travel to Houston this weekend. Dallas is coming off a solid win against Denver last week in Texas Stadium, while Houston can say their only victory has come at the expense of Arizona. Preseason or not, this game should be a no brainer.
Dallas remains the Lone Star in Texas

New York Jets at New York Giants (8:00 PM)
The Giants found themselves victorious over Baltimore last week, but they say that every dog has its day. I expected big things from the Giants last year and was disappointed. This year I donít expect much at all. Will they surprise me? Iím thinking not.
J.E.T.S., Jets, Jets, Jets

San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears (8:00 PM)
And the Bears win the Super BowlÖor the rematchÖor just a worthless preseason game. Ok, whatever, but I do expect to continue to see some ferocious play from the Bears defense this year. Their offense? Well, that I have yet to find confidence in, but Iíll take them at home this week.
Bears make 3-0 in the preseason

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos (9:00 PM)
The Broncos suffered at the hands of Dallas last week in more ways than one. Not only did they lose the game, but they have recorded injuries to Travis Henry, Mike Bell, defensive end Ebenezer Ekuban, and backup safety Curome Cox. Not a good night for a playoff hopeful team. However, Cleveland has remained unimpressive. Brady Quinnís fourth-quarter performance not only didnít win the game, but has now increased the uncertainties over who will start at quarterback.
Broncos defend Mile High

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks (9:00 PM)
If the Vikings defense can continue to make points off turnovers, then I may have underestimated the number of wins they might manage to rack up. With both Darren Sharper and Chad Greenway returning interceptions off Chad Pennington for six points, and the rookie defensive end Brian Robison taking his fumble recovery to the house, Minnesota may be able to pull a few upsets this year. As for Seattle, the devastating defeat handed to them by Green Bay shows some possible problems for them in the upcoming season.
Seattle rebounds off last weeks lose

San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals (10:00 PM)
The Chargers travel to Arizona to face the Cardinals. Do we even need a prediction for this game? Forget about LaDainian Tomlinson playing at all. Even without him Iíll take the Chargers hands down in this one.
Chargers practice on their winning season

Sunday, Aug. 26th

Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers (8:00 PM)
This would appear to be another great match up if we had already stepped into the regular season. Instead, weíll see if the Philadelphia backups can defeat the Steelers backups, because that is were this game is going to be decided. I expect to see a good start from both Donovan McNabb and Ben Roethlisberger. When in doubt, take the home team.
Steelers steal away with the win in the fourth

Monday, Aug. 27th

Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons (8:00 PM)
Itís official. Michael Vick has plead guilty to conspiracy and the Falcons will spend the rest of the season grasping at straws to restructure their offense around another quarterback, who at the time looks to be Joey Harrington. I almost think that if a judge really wanted to punish Vick, heíd throw him to the angry Atlanta fans that may have just lost their season. However, miracles have happened, Iím just not picking one here.
Bengals take their first preseason win

And that concludes the third week of the preseason. Only one more week of ďpracticeĒ games to go before we dive head first into the 2007-08 NFL Season. Letís bring on some Football!!!!
-Silver Dragon
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Silver Dragon
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I hope this thread is only this inactive because it's preseason. I'd really like to hear some comments, agreements, disagreements, or arguments over picks by the regular season!!
-Silver Dragon
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"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage (Originally from The Dungeonmaster)
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Well if you knock 'em dead next week - when virtually no one plays their first-stringers - then you'll really have everyone's attention around here.
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