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Oh, man. So many bands to choose from (sorry, can't choose just one)!

Pop: Joe Jackson, "Steppin' Out"; Waterboys, "Whole of the Moon"; Wang Chung, "Dance Hall Days"; a-ha, "Take on Me"; The Cure, "Love Cats"; Balti Mora, "Tarzan Boy"; just about anything by ABC (or the Waterboys, for that matter); Dire Straits, "Rollergirl"; can't think of any more right now ...

Heavy Metal: Not really a big fan, but I'll go with Slade (Run, Run Away). Failing that, Jethro Tull (they won the first heavy metal Grammy... LOL).

One-hit wonder: Big Country, for the song "In a Big Country," from the album ...

Wonderland. (But BC's album, "The Buffalo Skinners" is pretty awesome.
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Da12ken, I also did a spit-take when Shawn called Men at Work a one-hit wonder. Just like I'm doing a spit-take that ESP is calling Slade heavy metal.

"I believe in [a] God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings." -Albert Einstein
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Name that 80's tune Contest "Daily"

In Triva and Games

Come check it out
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Originally posted by da12ken
Lunacy! How can Men at Work be one-hit wonders?!?! "Who Can It Be Now?"?!?!?!?
heyyyy settle down, so I forgot they had another hit... good for them.
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