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Default Why is the Super Bowl played on Sunday and not Saturday?

Why is the Super Bowl played on Sunday and not Saturday?

I always wondered about this.

I guess my argument is the same as everyone else.

The Game is late and people party late into the night. I know most will take Monday off or something but not everyone can. To be more fans friendly regarding this point I feel Saturday is a better choice. Gives you Sunday to recover and relax for that fan that can't take Monday off or whatever.

Besides tradition "Sunday Super Bowl" I don't see why Saturday is not the day used here.

Saturday and Sunday.... 1 long party

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Money and Ratings are probably two good reasons....well the money at least.

Beats me. Never really thought about it.
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Or, maybe it has something to do with the fact that 90% of the games on Sundays and Sunday is traditionally NFL day. Also having it on Saturday would not necessarily be more fan friendly and not necessarily beneficial for ratings. Also, the league makes a ton of money off of the Super Bowl weekend events that are held. If they had the game on Saturday chances are folks would be going home Sunday and the host city and the league would miss out on a ton of cash.
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Because the tradition man! It would suck having it on Saturday Go traditon
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b/c thats how it always is....sunday is the last day before a work week and you need that game as one final boost to end your weekend....plus staurday u party ne ways
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Here's a plan: Let's have a national holiday on Super Bowl Monday. In the UK, they have something called bank holidays, where financial institutions, schools and government agencies are closed.

Yeah, most of us would still have to go to work, just like we do on MLK Day, but a lot of people wouldn't. Presumably, they'd wake up late, go shopping and spend $$$ in other ways.

Such a holiday is not wholly unprecedented. In Pa., the first day of hunting season (the first Monday after Thanksgiving) is a de facto state holiday because absentees and vacations leave too many places unable to operate because of a lack of manpower. We might be heading to the same thing with the day after the Super Bowl.
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