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Got it Sport, Miami has been your team for over 17 years. Let's continue.
excellent sporto, you can read

So I don't eat pudding, maybe you could explain what that means.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

Really? So I guess your not Miami's AD then huh?
How'd you guess? would I be replying to you if I was?

Read my above post and you will see why Coker wasn't fired but, with your 17 years I guess you already knew that.
I have no idea what your babbling about here, must be that Florida Gaytor education..

Granted I don't live in Miami but, I know alot of Miami fans here in Tampa and most of them aren't happy.
I aint happy either, but if you even paid attention to anything Ive already written, you'd already know that instead of just replying with nonsense..

carry on please
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