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Default Memphis must vacate its 38-win Final Four season!

Memphis will be forced to vacate the NCAA-record 38 victories from its Final Four season of 2007-08 under former coach John Calipari and serve three years' probation because of NCAA rules violations, the NCAA Committee on Infractions announced Thursday.

The NCAA in May accused Memphis of several major infractions under Calipari, including a fraudulent SAT score by a player, later revealed to be Derrick Rose, and providing close to $1,700 in free travel to Rose's brother, Reggie.

Paul Dee, the chairman for the COI, said in a teleconference that even though Memphis was not aware of Rose's questionable test score until midway through his freshman year, once the score was invalidated by Educational Testing Service, Rose no longer met the initial eligibility standards.

"This is a situation of strict liability," Dee said. "If he is ineligible and does not meet initial requirements, the penalties are related back to that time and a determination is then made: Did he play in any contests after the fact? In this case, he did."

Calipari was not penalized because he was never included in the original notice of allegations, Dee said. He did, however, stress that vacating the record books carries with it an implied punishment.
Memphis Tigers men's basketball team to vacate 38 victories from 2007-08 - ESPN

With Cal now coaching my Wildcats, this is what scares me:
Calipari is now the first head coach to have vacated Final Four appearances with two different schools. His 1996 Massachusetts team met the same fate because of NCAA rules violations, even though Calipari was not implicated in that instance, either.
Could be coincidence, but... It's a pretty big story to have that entire season wiped away...
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The main reason he turned down the NC State job was they told him they would not have admitted half the kids he recruited to Memphis. It is one of the things you gamble on when your coach is recruiting kids who are simply marking time until they are eligible for the draft.

One cannot really fault Calipari for the sketchy test scores unless they can prove he or an assistant arranged for someone to take the test for Rose, but I do not know how he let Rose's brother fly with the team on charter flights.
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Has anyone notified the Minister of History yet?

And this story, such as it is, illustrates why the third-place game needs to be brung back - so that if another national runner-up is ever "disqualified" like this, the winner of the third-place team gets moved up to second.

Also, not for nothing, but what would happen if both finalists in the same year were so disciplined? Without the third-place game, the losers of the semifinals would become national co-champions - and wouldn't that be terminally lame?
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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Memphis Tigers men's basketball team to vacate 38 victories from 2007-08 - ESPN

With Cal now coaching my Wildcats, this is what scares me:

Could be coincidence, but... It's a pretty big story to have that entire season wiped away...
Dude you have every right to be scared........Cal could tell you the name of every star player in the nation and what he had for breakfast. He had total control of the basketball program here and one could say the entire athletic department. Of course he had some knowledge of what was going on. This is how he does things...he pushes the envelope, works the gray areas and it brings him great sucsess as you will soon see. Just hope that all the eyes that he brings dont find anything.

Problem is that at some point Rose offended an ex friend that ratted him out....he is not the first or the last...at this program or many others...to doctor a test in order to play the one season of college basketball that they are forced to play to get to their only goal which is the NBA.

I lost the naive mind to think that college athletics is anything pure. Cal just played the game better than most.
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