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Default Triple Cross Serve

The Triple Cross Serve,

When a team net sport incorporates a true offensive and defensive scoring system, it is absolutely essential, for the balance of the game, that the serving team retains the scoring advantage. In scoring points in a team net sport with the triple cross-serve, the team in service is identified as the offensive team because they have the best chance of scoring points:

The offensive team (serving team) has one hit to serve a ball over the net. It is the offensive teamís first chance to score points.
1.The team receiving the serve, the defensive team, has two hits off a served ball to hit it back over the net. It is the first chance for the defensive team to score points.

The offensive team has the first rights on three hit plays. The offensive team has the first advantage of scoring points off a three hit play.
1.The defensive team only earns the right to a three hit play if they have successfully defended against the serve and the offensive teamís three hit play.

When both teams are playing with the advantages of the three hit plays, the offensive team will still have the scoring advantage, because they and not the defensive team retains volleyballís side-out court point scoring system.
1. The defensive team can score one point when they jam a serve, score two points in a backcourt power play, or deuce, or score a three-point goal.
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