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Default Steroids

I'm posting this here because this is something that is in the scope of all sports.

We all now that steroids is a big issue in sports nowadays. A lot of people, including me, want a tougher steroid policy. When there is a policy given, it's either not tough enough, or the punishment goes to small players that people haven't heard of.

There is one sport that doesn't have a weak policy Track & Field. If you aren't famaliar with Track & Field's performance-enhancing policy, here it is:

1st Offense: two-year suspension
2nd Offense: Lifetime Ban.

It's simple and clear-cut. Recently, they are trying to make the policy even tougher. This is a quote from an article on ESPN.com from a few weeks ago

USATF, and all other U.S. Olympic sports, turned drug testing and punishment over to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in 2000. USATF, often accused in the past of overlooking or hiding drug offenses, has recommended that first-time offenders receive a lifetime ban. Track athletes can be suspended based on evidence even if they have not tested positive. Two such cases, for world 100-meter record holder Tim Montgomery and sprinter Chryste Gaines, will be heard this summer by the international Court of Arbitration for Sport.
Now, there is a policy that take no crap from anyone. If you have a policy like this is place, wouldn't this deter steroid abuse more? Heck, some sports don't have a policy. This is a policy that "major" sports need. A ten-game suspension. WOOHOO! They can still play for 152 games in MLB. The only way for athletes to get it is hit them hard.

Here's a link to the whole article:

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For what it's worth, Bud Selig is now proposing a 50-game ban: http://sports.myway.com/news/04302005/v1862.html

That's much more substantial and move in the right direction, IMO.
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I have a hard time seeing the Union approve this one. As Don Sutton pointed out last night during the Braves game one of the main reasons the initial suspensions were set so low is because any suspension 15 days or shorter does not screw with service time accumulated towards your pension when you retire. If a player gets suspended for longer than that then it starts cutting into his service time and the Union is probably going to take exception to that.

If there truly was a huge number of guys 'roiding up as Canseco and the media would lead us to believe then why do we need stiffer penalties when only four scrubs have tested positive so far this spring? If there truly was an epidemic it seems to me that the new policy is working then. It is not as though we are seeing 60% of the league testing positive as some would have us believing to be the case. I could see imposing stiffer penalties if we had numerous players from each team getting caught but we have not seen that. This just seems to be grandstanding to placate D. C. so they don't revoke MLB's antitrust status more than anything else. Then Selig can sit there and say 'see our penalties are stiffer than the NFL's'.

Most of these guys have gotten off, or are getting off, the juice because they don't want to be outed and have the stigma or the press coverage that goes along with having tested positive for steroids or any other performance enhancing drug.
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The article appears appeared on ESPN a couple of hours after I made my post. It's a policy that ALL sports should adopt. If you test positive more than once, you should get a lifetime ban for being stupid.

I don't think the union will approve it either. This is Selig's response to Congress. Selig, as much as I hate the man, has been his part at trying to fix the problem.
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