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BKH07, welcome! :wavey: Good to hear a fresh opinion.

buckeye, Detroit is a fluke? C'mon, give them some credit. They were solid at everything, and stellar on defense. I see no reason why they shouldn't be the favorites again. I am really angered at how they still get no respect. People truly take glitz and glamor over defense and hard work.
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I'm not sold on Dirk bieng a big time player. He can't play defense, he doesn't get strong rebounds, and has yet to hit a really big shot in the playoffs. I am also not sold on Shaq bieng a player that would be able to win a championship alone, as Finley and Harris with some marginal players would be the only people that would be in Dallas. I would think there is a good chance of Riley coachin Dallas if Shaq goes there, but he would have to give up his partial ownership in Miami.
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I NEVER value glitz over defense and hard work. All I am saying is this: since Jordan's 98 retirement, the league has seen 6 champions, 5 of which were won by a team that had a dominate big man, a pair of outsider shooters ( Fox and Horry, Parker and Elliott), and other role players. Detroit is the champion, no fluke. Is the athletic team concept based on defense a fluke? I'm guessing it is. Why is that? Well, we have massive egos in today's game and Detroit perfected something that is impossible in sports today: unselfish ball. Give them all the credit in the world. Will we see it on a consistant basis from other teams around the league? I don't think so. I don't see another superstarless team winning a title next year. We haven't seen that type of champion since the 70s and I don't think that with Shaq and Duncan around, we will see it again for awhile.

Let's look at it this way: could the Pistons have beaten the Rockets, Spurs, Wolves, and Lakers all in a row? I just don't see it. Playing dominate big men in each round is still too tough in today's league, IMO. If the Lakers weren't selfish idiots, they would have known to knock Billups and Rip on their butts a few times, even eliminating them from the game. I don't think ALL FOUR of those above teams would have put up with those pick and rolls for a 7 game series. And this is why the Lakers are doomed in this offseason. They are going around Kobe, athletic and long and defensive. Yeah, that works against the East, but first you have to get there. And I don't think you can out work, out defense, and out hustle Duncan, Yao, KG, and Shaq without getting a few limbs torn off in the process when playing in the West.

Can the East play itself out and then use it's style against ONE West power with a dominate big man and win a title? Yep, just ask Detroit. Can they do it FOUR times? I don't think so.
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It's official and will be announced tomorrow at 11 AM eastern time.

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I hope McGrady is willing to play a slow paced defense oriented game. Good luck with Van Gundy T-Mac. As talented as T-Mac is I think the Magic got the better deal. With the trade and the draft picks, I can see the Magic progressing in the upcoming years.
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