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Default Do we Need a New League in Baseball?

With all the talk about the Yankees "buying" pennants and world series titles, should we just form a new "super" league in baseball for teams like this?
The league would consist of teams in all populated continents and have 8-12 teams to start.
Cities included would be Tokyo, Sidney, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Beijing, Cairo, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Hong Kong and Melbourne. Other teams could be added as needed.
The current major league teams would become sort of a AAAA league and be farm teams for this league as would the Japanese major leagues, the Korean leagues, Taiwanese leagues and Australian leagues. The Yankees and Dodgers would join this league and allow other teams to have a legitimate shot at the WS title.
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I think getting any interest outside of North America, Latin America and the Asian continent, would be a stretch. Having lived in Britain for 29 of my 30 years and having seen the NFL world league fail in London after a few years and the Scottish team draw terrible crowds, and knowing that football(American) is far more popular than baseball ever has been in the U.K., I cannot see it working. Likewise with Germany. Football(American) is huge there, thats why they have 3 teams in NFL Europe, that all get big crowds, and I dont think baseball would be able to compete against soccer.

This idea kind of reminds me of what a few of the "super powers" of European soccer have been talking about for the last 5 to 10 years. Breaking away from their domestic leagues and starting a European league. Of course, UEFA would try to stop it, as it would destroy their European games like the Champions league and the UEFA cup.
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Personally, I think we don't need any of this in baseball. I am in favor of reducing the number of teams, not expanding them. I just don't think there is the support for them.
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Look at the New York Rangers... New York Mets... the Detroit Red Wings of last year....... now look at the Minnesota Twins, Anaheim Angels, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Minnesota Wild, and Florida Marlins.

The formerly mentioned teams have payrolls among the highest in their league, but didn't either win anything last year or in the most recent 5-7 years.

The latter teams have won Championships and remain competitive.

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I just couldn't get interested in a team from China, Japan or France.
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The travel would be too much to overcome.
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