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Default 2004 Mock Draft

Here is a list of my own lottery mock draft and the reasons.

1) Orlando - Emeka Okafor: With the Magic/Rockets trade nearly confirmed, Emeka Okafor would be the perfect player to team up with Stevie Francis and Cutino Mobley. And if Grant Hill could have a healthy season, the Magic could possibly be back in the playoffs. Don't doubt a starting line-up of Francis, Mobely, Okafor, Healthy Hill, and Gooden

C) Emeka Okafor
PF) Drew Gooden -- Pat Gerrity
SF) Grant Hill -- Keith Bogans
SG) Cutino Mobley -- Reece Gaines
PG) Stevie Francis

2) Charlotte - Dwight Howard: The #2 pick, which originally belonged to the Clippers is now with the Bobcats. I believe Dwight Howard, because of his high maturity, should ba able to have a good rookie season. And the Bobcats would really love to have the next possible KG.

C) Peja Drobnjak
PF) Dwight Howard

3) Chicago - Luol Deng: It's been said every year. It's always the "missing pieace of the puzzle." With a young, talented frontline of Curry and Chandler and backcourt in Hinrich and Crawford, they got an okay team. They just don't have a SF. Luol Deng SHOULD be enought to take the Bulls to the Playoffs.

C) Eddy Curry -- Antonio Davis
PF) Tyson Chandler -- Jerome Williams
SF) Luol Deng
SG) Jamaal Crawford
PG) Kirk Hinrich

4) LA Clippers - Ben Gordon: Like the Bulls, this is what the Clippers need to make the Playoffs. It's been said every year, but...sadly, it neverhappens. Hopefully this will finally be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Clippers. If the Clippers draft Ben Gordon, with Kaman, Brand, Maggette, Q, and Gordon, the Clippers will finally have a starting line-up put together for long-term. After that, real trick is to put depth behind the starters. Wilcox, Simmons and Jaric would make great backups for backup PF, SF, and SG, but maybe the Clippers can get more help at PG by drafting Duhon at #33 and sign some veterans. i hope the Clippers bring in Vlade Divac to be their backup center.

C) Chris Kaman -- Melvin Ely
PF) Elton Brand -- Chris Wilcox
SF) Corey Maggette -- Bobby Simmons
SG) Quentin Richardson -- Marko Jaric
PG) Ben Gordon -- Chris Duhon

5) Washington - Andre Igoudala: If the Wizards play to their potential with the addition of Andre, they should make a playoff team. On paper, Arenas, Stackhouse, Igoudala, Brown and Haywoood is not a bad starting line-up

C) Brendon Haywood -- Etan Thomas
PF) Kwame Brown
SF) Andre Igoudala -- Jarvis Hayes
SG) Jerry Stackhouse -- Larry Hughes
PG) Gilbert Arenas

6) Atlanta - Shaun Livingston: Hopefully the Hawks can get a team together with their multiple draft picks. Along with Shaun Livingston, the Hawks should draft JR Smith at #17. I know Livingston and JR Smith are only HSers, but the Hawks arn't goin nowhere so why not attempt to build around Shaun Livingston and JR Smith. Hawks should trade Terry for a big man. With JR Smtih, Shaun Livingston and Stephen Jackson, there is no room for Terry. Smtih and Livingston may start off slow but when they develope, they can possibly turn the Hawks around in a couple of years. When Livingston and Smith start to look good, with Livingston's passing and JR's 3 pointers and exciting dunks, it should atract some quality free-agents. Maybe their style of play would atract Kenyon Martin.

C) crap
PF) crap
SF) Stephen Jackson -- Boris Diaw
SG) Jason Terry -- JR Smith
PG) Shaun Livingston

7) Pheonix - Andris Biedrins: Pheonix need a center more than they need a PG. Pheonix can address their PG problems through free-agency. Or just develope Barbosa

C) Andris Biedrins -- Jake Voshkule
PF) Amare Stoudemire
SF) Shaun Marion
SG) Joe Johnson
PG) Landro Barbosa -- Howard Eisley

8) Toronto - Devin Harris: Devin Harris is what the Raptors need to finally make the playoffs. Carter, Rose and Bosh are great players but as a Clipper fan needing a PG, i know exsactly how the Raptors feel. Devin Harris would be perfect for a team with VC, Rose and Bosh.

C) Chris Bosh
PF) Donyell Marshel
SF) Jalen Rose
SG) Vince Carter
PG) Devin Harris

9) Philadelphia - Josh Childress: Seems like with their new coach, Allen Iverson would stay in Phlilly. AI should stay. The Sixers some how need to dumb Glenn Robinson for a PG and draft Childress.

C) Sam Dalembert
PF) Kenny Thomas
SF) Glenn Robinson -- Kyle Korver
SG) Allen Iverson -- Josh Childress
PG) Eric Snow

10) Cleveland - Josh Smith: I think Josh Smith would be the perfect teammate for LeBron. Smith reminds me of Lebron but without the PG abilities and the major hype that LeBron Had. LeBron and Josh Smith might form to be the next Jordon and Pip. A starting line-up of LeBron James, Josh Smith, Carlos Boozer, Big Z, and a much improved Jeff Mcinnis should have a hard time missing the playoffs. And hopefully Wagner will try to reach his potential and stop getting injured

C) Zydrunas Ilgauskas -- Dasagonia Diop
PF) Carlos Boozer
SF) Josh Smith -- Eric Williams
SG) LeBron James -- Dujaun Wagner
PG) Jeff Mcinnis -- Kevin Ollie

11) Golden State - Jameer Nelson: After losing Arenas, the Warriors tried to take his place by trading for Nick Van Exel, which was a horrible trade. Jamison was awsome for Golden State. Jameer Nelson should be perfect, especially for Jason Richardson.

C) Eric Dampier -- Adonal Foyal
PF) Troy Murphy
SF) Mike Dunleavy -- Mike Petrus
SG) Jason Richardson
PG) Jameer Nelson -- Speedy Claxton

12) Seattle - Pavel Podkazine: Sonics are desperate for a big man. TRhe Sonics should be a much different team with Podzilla added to the team, NOT TO MENTION that Nick Collison is still due for his NBA debute. Sonics frontline should be much improved

C) Podzilla -- Jerome James
PF) Vladimer Radmonivic -- Nick Collison
SF) Rashard Lewis
SG) Ray Allen -- Joe Forte
PG) Brent Barry -- Luke Ridnour

13) Portland - Kirk Snyder: I think this is a good idea. Krik Snyder can be a backup plan just incase the Blazers lose Darius Miles. If they don't lose Darius, then Kirk Snyder can still play starting SG with Derek Anderson traded or playing starting PG.

C) Theo Ratlif
PF) Zach Randolph -- Shareef Abdur Rahim
SF) Darius Miles -- Travis Outlaw
SG) Derek Anderson -- Kirk Snyder -- Quintel Woods
PG) Damon Stoudamire

14) Utah Jazz - Robert Swift: With the potential of losing Ostertag, drafting Robert Swift is not a bad idea.

C) Ostertag -- Robert Swift
PF) Michael Ruffin -- Tom Gugliata -- Curtis Bartchart(SPL)
SF) Andrei Kirilenko
SG) Matt Harpring
PG) Carlos Arroyo -- Raul Lopez
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Good post ... we'll see how close you are after the draft.
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Well you didn't get one pick right but its better the mock draft that I failed to complete.
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damn. I suck at this
Get your walk on, Get your head tight
I know your feelin' this ****, Thie **** is damn right
Get your bounce on, Back that ass up.
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