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Post 2006 NFL Preview: Green Bay Packers

Brett Favre claims that the current Packers roster is as talented as it has ever been during his 15-year stay in Green Bay. While he might be right, the talent is young and unproven to this point and they will not be ready to compete for a playoff spot this season.

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That's definitely a "comprehensive" review (as advertised). I prodded myself awake after the first part, and Dave's "This Year" section was pretty much accurate.

Now, since i already predicted the Pack will go 10-6... and then someone taunted me into predicting them at 11-5... i HAVE TO chime in here and defend my pick.

7. Improved character. A few more guys who care.

6. Zone blocking. The scheme takes better advantage of the OL's talents and GB's climate. Short lineman rejoice.

5. Game calling. This was Mike Sherman's worst weakness, and the Packers (not coincidentally) had trouble pulling out close games. Mike McCarthy can only be better. Mike McCarthy's mom could only be better (if it comes to that).

4. Depth. The depth has improved from poor to decent through a single offseason. The d-line and RBs are, in fact, very deep. Arliss Beach, the 5th string RB, is a potential diamond in the rough. The DBs and WRs are still below-average depth, which is the greatest concern. But the improvement is significant.

3. Chaos in the division. The NFC North has two teams in transition (Lions and Vikings) and one team starting an unproven QB (Bears-Grossman) from the same school as Heisman Trophy winner, Danny Weurffel. It is possible that a different team--say, the Lions-- could take advantage of this chaos. But it is entirely possible that the team of opportunity will be the Packers.

2. Schedule. The Packers have one of the NFL's easier schedules. One day we'll all be looking up and wondering how this (admittedly mediocre) team has a winning record, and it will have a lot to do with who they're playing.

1. Charles Woodson. No, Woodson is not the greatest thing since sliced bread. But he is replacing the worst full-season starter I have ever seen in the NFL: Ahmad Carroll. So, it's more like Woodson is a day-old donut, and Carroll is like a pile of rotting meunster cheese. Opposing teams will no longer have an "out" by heaving the ball in Carroll's general direction, they'll actually have to beat the whole defense. (Not to be too harsh-- at least Carroll has a good attitude, I look forward to his work in the dime.)
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