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Default Professional Football Rankings Week 9(Week 10 Schedule)

Rankings reflect all games played from Sept. 9th through Nov. 12th. New rankings every Tuesday. I also pick the winners each week.

*Number 1--ST. LOUIS RAMS--(7-1)-Rams obliterated the Carolina Panthers 48-14. QB Kurt Warner wasn't real sharp. He threw three INT's, but RB Marshall Faulk took up the slack and rushed 183 yards on just 15 carries and two TD's. A lot of that yardage came from his first quarter run of 71 yards for a TD. Not bad coming back from an injury. His running mate Trung Canidate rushed for 145 yards on 16 carries and one TD. CB Aeneas Williams returned a INT for a 16 yard TD in the third quarter. Next game Nov. 18th against New England in New England. I predict a win by St. Louis.

*Number 2--PITTSBURGH STEELERS--(6-2)-RB Jerome "the bus" Bettis does it again, by rushing for 163 yards on 29 carries. Steelers beat Cleveland 15-12. This team would make Terry Bradshaw proud. QB Kordell Stewart rushed for 65 yards on seven carries. Good running combination. Steelers defense sacked QB Tim Couch seven times and LB Jason Gildon had 3.5 of them. Wow! The old Steel curtain is back. Next game Nov. 18th against Jacksonville at home. I predict a Pittsburgh win.

*Number 3--GREEN BAY PACKERS--(6-2)-Packers tamed the Chicago Bears by beating them 20-12 at Chicago. QB Brett Favre completed 19-32 for 268 yards and two TD's. RB Ahman Green continued to run well by rushing for 93 yards on 18 carries.He tossed one INT. WR Bill Schroeder caught four passes for 100 yards and a TD. Next game Nov. 18th against Atlanta at home. A reasonable man would pick Green Bay to win, so I will too.

*Number 4--CHICAGO BEARS--(6-2)-Bears suffered a setback by losing to their division rival, the Packers at home, 20-12. Bears talented defense allowed Green Bay 368 totla net yards on offense. Bears QB Jim Miller completed 28-47 for 201 yards, but no TD's. Next game Nov. 18th against Tampa Bay in Tampa. I predict continued bad luck for Chicago by picking Tampa Bay to win.

*Number 5--OAKLAND RAIDERS--(6-2)-Ok anybody can have an off week. Raiders certainly did, by losing to Seattle 34-27. Raiders defense was stunned by Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander, who rushed for 266 yards against them. QB Rich Gannon completed 24-38 for 257 yards and two TD's. Without Gannon this team would probably be 4-4. Next game Nov. 18th against San Diego at home. I predict an Oakland win.

*Number 6--MIAMI DOLPHINS--(6-2)-Dolphins defeated Indianapolis 27-24. That's not really difficult to do this year. Rookie running back Travis Minor, who played for Florida State in college rushed for 71 yards on seven carries. His lone TD was on a 56 yard run in the first quarter. WR Chris Chambers caught three passes for 113 yards and two TD's. Next game Nov. 18th against the New York Jets at home. I pick Miami to win.

*Number 7--SAN FRANCISCO 49ers--(6-2)-49ers beat their division rival, the New Orleans Saints 28-27 at home. RB Garrison Hearst continues to impress me and the teams he plays against by rushing for 145 yards on 17 carries. WR Terrell Owens caught eight passes for 100 yards and two TD's. He can certainly back his mouth up with his outstanding play. Next game Nov. 18th against Carolina at Carolina. I'm going to get crazy and predict a Carolina win. That's funny, my doctor told me just last week I was getting better. What do they know?

*Number 8--NEW YORK JETS--(6-3)-Jets beat Kansas City 27-7. RB Curtis Martin doesn't make a lot of noise or bring much attention to himslef, but he seems to rush for over 100 yards each game. He's the most underrated RB in the NFL. He rushed for 113 yards on 20 carries and scored three TD's. He leads the NFL in rushing with 917 yards. Next game Nov. 18th against Miami in Miami. This game could really go either way. It's going to be exciting. That much I know.

*Number 9--BALTIMORE RAVENS--(6-3)-Ravens defense stopped Tennessee from scoring with three seconds left in the fourth, when the Titans were on the one foot line. Ravens won 16-10. WR Qadry Ismail caught eight passes for 129 yards and one TD. LB Ray Lewis had 13 solo tackles and 2 assists and LB Jamie Sharper had three sacks on the night. Next game Nov. 18th against Cleveland at home. I pick Cleveland to win.

*Number 10--PHILADELPHIA EAGLES--(5-3)-Eagles humiliated the Minnesota Vikings by winning 48-17. QB Donavan McNabb completed 19-29 for 223 yards and three TD's. Eagles RB Duce Staley returned from injuries to rush for 146 yards on 17 carries and one TD. He also caught six passes for 85 yards. A one man show on Sunday, it seems for the Eagles. On defense DE Hugh Douglas had 2.5 sacks. Next game Nov. 18th against Dallas at home. I predict a Philadelphia win.

*Number 11--ENGLAND PATRIOTS--(5-4)-Pat's beat Buffalo at home 21-11. I knew this team could play well this year. Actually I predicted them to do good last season. Ugh! RB Antowain Smith a former Bills, rushed for 100 yards on 20 carries and scored two TD's. CB Ty Law returned an INT for 22 yards. That's called laying the law down. No pun intended. Next game Nov. 18th against St. Louis at home.

*Number 12--DENVER BRONCOS--(5-4)-Broncos win at home against San Diego 26-16. RB Terrell Davis had a good game, but is hurt again. It's his knee again. Maybe he ought to get a knee transplant. This is getting old. QB Brian Griese completed 21-31 for 224 yards and two TD's. FGK Jason Elam kicked four successful field goals and had two extra points for a total of 14 points. Not a bad days work. Next game Nov. 18th against Washington at home. I predict a Denver win. I feel uneasy about this pick for some reason.

*Number 13-NEW YORK GIANTS--(5-4)-Giants defeated Arizona 17-10. Nothing really to brag about. Defensive lineman Michael Strahan, punched the ball out of Jake Plummer's hand to stop an Arizona scoring drive, setting off a wild play that led to a NY TD. Strahan leads the NFL in sacks with 15. Next game Nov. 19th against Minnesota on MNF. I predict a Minnesota win for sure.

*Number 14--SAN DIEGO CHARGERS--(5-4)-Chargers lost to Denver 26-16. Rookie RB LaDainian Tomlinson continues to play well. He rushed for 75 yards on 14 carries Sunday. QB Doug Flutie continued to play bad. He completed 12-31 for 165 yards on one TD, but he threw four INT's. Time to bring in rookie QB Drew Brees. FGK Wade Richey leads the NFL in scoring with 78 points. Next game Nov. 18th against Oakland at Oakland.

*Number 15--CLEVELAND BROWNS--(4-4)-You didn't expect Cleveland to go 13-3 this year did you? They got whupped by a very good Pittsburgh team 15-12. The Browns have nothing to be ashamed of. Next game Nov. 18th against Baltimore in Baltimore.

*Number 16--TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS--(4-4)-Bucs defeated winless Detroit 20-17, on last second FG. Ok it wasn't an impressive win, but its hard to get up for a game against a winless team. It really is. RB Warrick Dunn rushed for 51 yards on 17 carries, but he caught five passes for 60 yards and a TD. Ronde Barber of Tampa had two INT's and seven tackles. Next game Nov. 18th against the Chicago Bears at home. They will need a big game from WR Keyshawn Johnson and Mike Alstott.

* Number 17-INDIANAPOLIS COLTS--(4-4)-Colts lost and got beat up physically by the Miami Dolphins 27-24 at home. QB Peyton Manning got his jaw broken, but should play next week. He never did have a pretty smile. Colts leading tackler Mike Peterson lost with a knee injury. RB Edgerrin James out for the season-then I hear its only two weeks. Somebody please make up their minds so I can adjust my fantasy football team. WR Marvin Harrison caught nine passes for 174 yards and three TD's. He ate his Wheaties Sunday morning. Next game Nov. 18th against New Orleans in New Orleans. I pick New Orleans for some strange reason to win.

Number 18--NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-(4-4)-This team has a problem. Lost to the 49ers 28-27. Maybe last season was a fluke. How can a defense play so well one year and get so fouled up the next? Something is wrong with the chemistry of this team or either it's the music OL Kyle Turley is playing in the locker room. QB Aaron Brooks finally had a good game by completing 22-37 for 347 yards and two TD's. RB Ricky Williams rushed for 121 yards on 24 carries. I knew that Buspar for his anxiety would help. Next game Nov. 18th against Indinapolis at home.

*Number 19--SEATTLE SEAHAWKS--(4-4)-Seahawks not only beat the tough Oakland Raiders 34-27, but their second year running back from Alabama, Shaun Alexander rushed for 266 yards on 35 carries and he scored three TD's. The 266 yards set a new franchise record. The previous record was held by Curt Warner, who ran for 207 yards in one game in 1983. Warner was a former standout with Penn St. Shaun Alexander now has the fourth highest rushing mark set in a single game. Cincinnati's Corey Dillion set the all-time record just last season by rushing for 278 yards. Next game Nov. 18th against Buffalo in Buffalo. I predict a Seattle win.

*Number 20--CINCINNATI BENGALS--(4-4)-Bengals lost to Jacksonville 30-13, but Bengals QB Jon Kitna completed 28-48 yards for 303 yards. He threw no TD's and was sacked three times. RB Corey Dillon rushed for only 58 yards. Next game Nov. 18th against Tennessee at home. I pick Cincinnati to win.

*Number 21--ATLANTA FALCONS--(4-4)-Falcons beat the Dallas Cowboys 20-13 at home. Rookie QB Michael Vick led his team to victory in his first NFL start. He completed 4-12 for 32 yards and one TD. WHAT? You call that start? I call it something else and its not listed in Webster's dictionary. Falcons RB Maurice Smith rushed for 148 yards on 27 carries. Darrien Gordon, Falcons, had punt returns of 74 and 41 yards in the fourth quarter to help his team score later on. Next game Nov. 18th against Green Bay in Green Bay.

*Number 22--WASHINGTON REDSKINS--(3-5)-Redskins didn't play well or play bad Sunday. They didn't play at all. Got you! Redskins may be a better second half team this season. Next game Nov. 18th against Denver in Denver.

*Number 23--JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS--(3-5)-Jags beat Cincinati 30-13 at home. QB Mark Brunell completed 20-32 for 189 yards and two TD's. Safety Donavin Darius had 11 solo tackles and Tony Brackens had two sacks. Next game Nov. 18th against Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh.

*Number 24--MINNESTA VIKINGS--(3-5)-Vikings was not that bad last year, but man does it stink this year. Of course they did lose DL John Randle to Seattle, during the off-season. It's time for Dennis Green to go. They need Steve Sprurrier up there. The defense may still be bad with Sprurrier, but boy that offense would roll. Next game Nov. 19th against the New York Giants on MNF.

*Number 25--TENNESSE TITANS--(3-5)-If they play any worse they will need to change their nickname from the Titans to the Pinheads. What is up with this team? How can you get so bad so quick? RB Eddie George did find some running room, by rushing for 71 yards on 22 carries. Next game Nov. 18th against Cincinnati.

*Number 26--DALLAS COWBOYS--(2-6)-Cowboys lost to Atlanta 20-13. RB Troy Hambrick rushed for 127 yards on 20 carries. I think Dallas is well pleased with Hambrick's performances this season. LB Dat Nguyen had 10 solo tackles. Next game Nov. 18th against Philadelphia at home.

*Number 27--KANSAS CITY CHIEFS--(2-7)-Chiefs lost Sunday to the New York Jets 27-7. QB Trent Green threw three INT's in that game. He's already thrown 13 this year. The 2001 Chiefs need to focus better and play smarter. Cut down on the mistakes or eliminate them. Play that old Hank Stram style football that made the Chiefs a powerhouse in the 1960's and 70's. Has a bye this coming week. They will need it.

*Number 28--ARIZONA CARDINALS--(2-6)-Lost to Giants 17-10. We know that already don't we? When contraction talks come up in the NFL, I think this franchise will go bye bye. Only bright spot seems to be WR David Boston. He caught nine passes for 137 yards and one TD. Next game is Nov. 18th against Detroit at home. Man this is going to be exciting. I wonder if NBC will not air the Lakers contest this coming Sunday, to air the Detrotu-Arizona game instead. Call your local NBC station and request they air the Arizona game.

*Number 29--BUFFALO BILLS--(1-7)-Here's another team to contract. Still can't get over those four straight Super Bowl losses. Bills lost to New England 21-11 Sunday.Bills defense did sack QB Tom Brady seven times. Next game Nov. 18th against Seattle at home.

*Number 30--CAROLINA PANTHERS--(1-8)-If you can't say something nice about somone, shutup. I love those mountains in North Carolina. Really, do you know what's worse than being a player of the Carolina Panthers? Being a player on Detroit. Panthers got crushed by the Rams 48-14. Could only manage 146 total net yards on offense. RB Nick Goings was the leading rusher for Carolina. He rushed for 13 yards on nine carries. Next game Nov. 18th against NSan Francisco at home.

*Number 31--DETROIT LIONS--(0-8)-Lions lost close one to Tampa Bay 20-17. QB Charlie Batch completed 21-39 for 239 yards and one TD. He threw two INT's. If Detroit gets the first round draft pick, who will they pick? QB Ken Dorsey of Miami or Eric Crouch of Nebraska. Maybe even go with a running back. Crouch could do that too. Let me know what you think.

See you at the game. All material written by:Keith Thronson, Mobile, Alabama
Keith "baseball nut" Thronson

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Very good, Keith - thanks. One thing I think will happen is the Saints are a better team than you have ranked. Tough schedule, but a good team that can beat the Rams. Also, I think the Chargers are overrated. Their hot start has cooled off.
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Marc, I have to disagree with you there, when they upset Oakland, I think you'll change you're mind. Now am I allowed to post my 1-31? I will do it now but if you don't want me to in the future I won't.

1. ST. LOUIS RAMS-As much as I hate watching them play( they are just boring, they score score and score, all the same way), they are the most dominating team in football, and I still don't think they have had their best game yet, they committed four turnovers in a 48-14 demolishing of the Panthers, not good new for the rest of the NFL. Their schedule is fairly easy the rest of the way with the only key games coming at New Orleans, and two Monday Night games against Tampa and San Fransisco. I'm looking at 14-2 at the halfway point.

2. BALTIORE RAVENS- This might be a suprise to some of you, but the Ravens are just too good, their defense is just unstoppable, and their offense is slowley but surley beginning to click. Now I'll admit they got lucky Monday Night, but you can't rewrite history. They only have three key games left, at Tampa Dec. 29th, at home Dec. 16 against Pittsburgh, which is possibly the biggest game of the rest of their season, and although it doesn't seem like it, they have Minnesota on Monday Night the last game of the season, at home. Projection-12-4.

3. PITTSBURGH STEELERS-The steel curtin is back, and so is the Bus. He is having an MVP-type season, and is basically all they have, and all they need on offense. Kordell is somewhat getting his act together, but they are still only putting up 17 points a game. They will have to get the offense going, but with their great defense and overpowering running-game, they should fair pretty well come January. Projection-13-3

4. GREEN BAY PACKERS-Next to the Rams, the Packers are the best team in the NFC. They have a great running game, an even better passing game, and a sack-full defense. They proved themselves as a true contender after beating the comeback kid Chicago Bears. the won 20-12, Brett Favre threw a good game throwing for 268 and tossing 2 TD's. The Bears picked him off once very early in the game, but after that he just clicked. The Packers are my pick in the NFC Central. Projection-12-4

5. CHICAGO BEARS-They lost a heartbreaker to Green Bay Sunday at home, but I think they can rebound and finish strong the rest of the season. They are playing lights out defense, although their running game is somewhat inconsistant, and their passing game doesn't hit the air that well, they should be ok. They are too strong of a team to just flop misdway through the season. They have Tampa twice, Minnesota and Green bay for their remaining key games. Projection-12-4

6. OAKLAND RAIDERS- The team that I considered the best in the NFL up until Sunday lost an AFC West game that could hurt them down the road, losing 34-27 in Seattle. The finally showed their weakness though, defending the run. Right now, the Raiders don't have a strong D-line, they lost Trace Armstrong for the season, and they arten't even starting Darryl Russell, and with key games at Denver, SD, the Giants, SD at home and Tennessee, all is not well in Oak'town. The next two games will determine how strong the Raiders are. Projection-12-4

7. MIAMI DOLPHINS-Jay Fiedler showed somewhat of a decent performance Sunday, beating the Colts 27-24. they didn't play their best pass defense, but they held the # 2 offense in the leauge to twenty-four points, they have to get their running game going again though. That is, if they want to contend. With Denevr and NYJ at home, and San Fransisco and New England on the road. Those are all must win games if the Dolphins wanna go deep into the playoffs. Projection-12-4

8. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES- They look strong so far, they have lost some games they should have won, but that may not matter, if they can take care of San Diego, the Giants( again!) and those pesky Niners. The Eagl;es have not shown the passing game of expectations thus far, but I think they'll come around. Their running game is really looking good after Deuce Staley's 146 yard performance. O, they're destroying opposing offense's, Hugh Douglas, 2.5 sacks Sunday, just a thought. Projection-13-3.

9. SAN FRANSISCO 49ERS- They're 6-2 after week 9, I think it's safe to say their back. Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens are just rediculous, Terrell has 10 TD receptions this season( I think) and I consider him the best reciever in football right now. Jeff Garcia is putting up MVP-numbers, and Garison Hearst showed he is back as well, running for 145 yards. Their defense is a concern, but if they keep putting the points on the board, they will be fine. Projection-13-3.

10. San Diego Chargers- They have lost two straight, and are at Oakland this Sunday, it's not looking good for SD. I think they can comeback though. If Flutie get's going again and LT keeps up his great work, thir defense stays stingy, look for SD to finish very strong. I hope so. Projection-11-5.
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No more Flutie! Send Brees in there!

Go Purdue!
-Chris aka Wedge

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