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Default Vlady is AL MVP

While strong arguements can be made for Ramirez and Ortiz the two are interchangable in stats and what they've done for their team. That Leaves Guerrerro and Shefield. This is an arguement I would like to lay to rest once and forall. I'm tired of reading and listening to so called experts claiming that Sheffield is the MVP and clearly that they are basing this on absolutely nothing. Lets look at their stats and supporting cast.

Vlady's batting ave. over 40 points higher than Gary

Gary and the Yankees have 5 other players on the team with 20 plus home runs. Vlady and the Angles have 1 other player.

Gary has 4 other players with a comparable batting. ave.
Vlady has no other player on the team.

Gary has 3 players on the team with more hits than him.
Vlady has no other player and the closest is 30 plus hits away.

Gary has 4 other players that have scored almost as many runs. Vlady's only closest teammate is 30 runs shy.
Gary has 3 players that have almost as many total bases as him.
Vlady has one who is 70 plus total bases away.

It is without question that Vlady is the MVP and the Angels would not be in the post season without him.
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I agree wholeheartedly. Vlad has made his case loud and clear the past few weeks, and I think he deserves it also.
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