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'78, talking to Brian is like talking to AIR. He doesnt understand, that if Shaq were not on the Lakers, they would have millions of dollars that would go to another very good player to fill out that roster spot. Then with another quality player, Kobe would easily lead the lakers to the playoffs and deep.

He also thinks that Shaq has only played 3 years in the league, he forgets Shaq was in the league 7 years before he won a title and he didnt win that until Kobe became a great player.

Now lets get back to your original and rediculous thought the first time Brian, you stated, that "the Memphis Grizzlies would win a championship with Shaq" and then when I responded that Shaq never won a title with the Magic or in his first couple of years with the Lakers you conveniently avoided the entire subject.

I then pointed out that Shaq has also never won a title without Kobe, likewise Kobe the same in reverse, but you then conveneintly avoid that subject also.

Brian I know you know very little about basketball if it doesnt involved a dunk or some type of showmanship, fundamentals escape you, But here is a little clue. Shaq is the most dominating player in the game...............if he is in shape...........he is not. He cant guard or rebound right now with any consistency. This team has gotten back into the playoff hunt this year, thanks to Kobe.

Secondly he is not the only player on this team creating shots for his teammates, as Kobe does this with great freqency, this is not Vince (I average 2 assists a game) Carter, Kobe actually does hit the open man, which is why he averaging a very nice 6.7 assists a game and is constantly, like Shaq, creating shots for others, not only with his creativity, but with his presence also.

And how little do you really know Brian? You cite the first 10 games of this season to show Kobe is not a REAL player. Not only were they missing Shaq in those games, but Fox the first 6, thats 2 starters. They were also playing several games without George and Walker at other different times. This was a team playing guys like Pargo and Medvedenko big minutes, not to mention they had to also play Madsen minutes. The fact they were as competitive as they were in those games, was amazing in itself. No team was winning with these guys. In 3 of those 7 games they lost, one was in OT and two others were on game ending shots.

Please Brian, your making this too easy.
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That sums it up great #47.

I can't recall many of Brian's posts and decide if he is the typical " dunk and make your gangsta' pose" fan or someone who could appreciate just looking at Kevin McHale's feet when he had the ball in the post.

Very, and I stress VERY, few all time greats have won a title on their own, without a fellow great beside them. Shaq never won without Kobe, Magic without Kareem, Bird without McHale, Dr. J. without Moses. Jordan and Pippen. Hell, even throw out Duncan, although Robinson was not nearly the player he was even back in 99.

There have been a few greats who did it without a truly good partner. Olajuwon's first ring and Isiah come to mind. Now, some people might want to put Dumars up as a " second great", and it wouldn't take much to convince me. That was a great TEAM though. Defensively, they were amazing.

Houston's title in 94 with Olajuwon is a little tainted if you ask me. No Jordan, Bird, or Magic in the league for the first time since 1979, and the Rockets become champs. Not to take anything away from Olajuwon in 94. Along with Shaq in 2000, those were the greatest years for any center since the early 80s of Kareem and Moses.

Oh yeah #47, I love Mad Dog, he's the man...LOL...
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I think both sides have made their cases clear and it's wise to close this thread up before any useless flames result from it. Thanks.
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