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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
Now, now, no one called anyone an idiot. Everybody who posts here disagrees with most of what you write about the Eagles, but that's been a given for years now. I'm sorry if you felt attacked by my last post, but all I was trying to do was express civil disagreement.

Was I singling you out? I didn't think I was anyway - and I wasn't intending to.

I thought the McCarthy hiring was a very odd choice. But I'm not sure how it relates to Cottrell.

If it wasn't for glaring double standards like this, there would be no need for the "Rooney Rule."

I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about here, but it seems like the first part refers to strength of schedule. The team's schedule this season has not been significantly tougher than last year's: opponents so far this year are 77-68 (.531), compared to last season's 117-139 (.457). The schedule is harder, but not by a ton. This year's AFC West is extremely weak, and if you take out the one game against New England, San Diego's opponents actually combine for a losing record (65-68).

Take it from someone who has followed schedule trends closely for more than 30 years: An .074 difference is a massive shift in schedule difficulty! It is only marginally less than the difference between the most difficult and least difficult schedules in the whole league in a typical year. And the state of the AFC West has nothing to do with it, since the Chargers obviously also competed in that division last year; it's the strength of the eight opponents they have/are playing this year that they didn't play last year that has changed.

Hey, I like to see down-the-field throws, too. But you've been calling for Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb to exit stage left ever since I joined the boards in 2002. In that time, the Eagles are 58-34. McNabb has made 3 Pro Bowls. Reid has been named Coach of the Year. McNabb has thrown 111 TDs and only 46 interceptions. That doesn't even include his 16 rushing TDs. The Eagles have gone 5-2 in postseason home games -- the ones a team is "supposed" to win. They've made three conference championship games and a Super Bowl.

On average, a team should only the win the Super Bowl about three times per century -- once every 32 years. To criticize a coach who has been as consistently successful as Reid, or an elite quarterback who might be headed for Canton if he ever stays healthy, is to hold the team to a ridiculously high standard.

Here you suffer from the same syndrome that the neoconservatives have when setting Middle East policy: Just as they are making policy decisions based on what they would like the Middle East to be rather than the way it actually is, you're looking at this from the perspective of the way people ought to think about sports teams, etc., rather than the way they actually do in this first decade of the 21st Century.

In this day and age, if you didn't win the Super Bowl then you might as well have been the '76 Buccaneers, and if you didn't win the World Series you might as well have been the '62 Mets. A team gets no credit for being a runner-up or a semifinalist; indeed, they are reviled for being a bunch of "choke artists." Personally I think this mind-set sucks, and I've said so, time and again on these boards, particularly when discussing baseball - yet at the same time, I acknowledge that my view (which happens to be essentially the same as yours) is the minority view, and has been for quite some time now (as I recall from that ESPN TV movie, Dale Earnhardt Sr. made his famous quote that "second place is the first loser" in the early 1970s, and Ken Stabler's "If you don't win the big one, the rest ain't worth a damn" quote dates from slightly later than that).

But you can't deny that the Eagles' front office has been in a perpetual state of denial about the wide receiver position for a very long time - in fact, before Andy Reid was out of middle school, and before Donovan McNabb was even born. Yet there has been no meaningful change in the failed policies since they came upon the scene - and McNabb is primarily, if not exclusively, responsible for getting the one decent receiver they have had since that time thrown off the team.

Despite having more than their share of Pro Bowl offensive linemen, the Eagles went 21 consecutive years - from 1982 through 2002, all inclusive - of allowing more sacks than the league average, and this despite having some of the most mobile QBs in the league during that span. The one common denominator was the constant lack of speed at wide receiver, leading to coverage sacks and increased blitzing by opposing defenses. You'd think that after more than two decades of this, someone would have wised up?

Allowing Donte' Stallworth to depart, and offering the same money they refused to give him to a career bench-warmer with a lifetime 12-YPC average as of then, is living proof that they still don't get it.

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