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Default Silver Dragon's Week 17 Picks

We have reached the wonders of week 17. Who starts, who sits? Will New England push for a pursuit of perfection, or will they aim to protect everyone from injury before the post season? What about the other teams who have nothing left to gain in Week 17? What will teams like Indy, Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, or Jacksonville do? Play starters for one series, two, three, first quarter, or the half? Does anyone play the whole game? How will this effect the teams that are still struggling to get in? What will become of Cleveland, Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota, or New Orleans? These are the questions we must ask ourselves as we prepare to analyze and predict an outcome. What’s the right choice? If I was sure of that someone would be paying me for the information I’m about to disclose to you.

Struggling through yet another mediocre week this season I completed week 16 with a 10-6 for a season total of 144-96 (.600). Good news is that I’ve managed to regain my .600 season, bad news is that I barely have that .600 season. Only one week left for improvement, it sure would be nice to see that elusive 16-0 week, but with the challenges of picking the final week of the season, that will prove a difficult task.

Saturday, December 29th 2007

New England Patriots(15-0) at New York Giants(10-5) 8:15PM
With history and the perfect season in the balance, it would appear that the Giants are posed to hand the record book over to New England with a ribbon on it. With the injuries on the Giant sideline and a spot in the playoffs starting next week, it’s almost a sure bet that Tom Coughlin will be sitting his remaining starters for hopes of a healthier line up next week and practically forfeiting this final game to the Patriots.
Patriots make history; go perfect with 16-0

Sunday, December 30th 2007

Buffalo Bills(7-8) at Philadelphia Eagles(7-8) 1:00PM
With nothing left to play for but the game and pride, I expect to see another hard fought game by Donovan McNabb. If not for an opportunity to keep his starting job in Philly from rookie Kevin Kolb, then to put a rise in his stock for trade talks at the seasons end. Does McNabb’s outstanding performance in New Orleans last week raise more questions for his future? Either way, a great performance here can only work to benefit him and his future…where ever that may be.
Eagles finish out season at .500

Carolina Panthers(6-9) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers(9-6) 1:00PM
Tampa Bay has nothing left to play for and will be looking forward to next weeks playoffs. However, I still don’t see a Panthers win this week. I know that doesn’t say a lot for Carolina, but even if they will be facing the Buccaneers second stringers they are still dealing with the injury dings of the year.
Buccaneers finish out strong at home

Cincinnati Bengals(6-9) at Miami Dolphins(1-14) 1:00PM
In what could possibly by Cam Cameron’s last game as the Dolphins head coach and worse, his last game as a head coach, the Dolphins will attempt to close out with a win. However, I’m not sure it would make a difference. Bill Parcells and Cam Cameron are two difference styles of people, and if Bill lets Cam go…who will hire a coach that went 1-15 in his only season? Part of me wants to go with Miami on this game, but the Bengals are in need of some self reassurance as well.
Bengals squeeze off a win by a field goal

Detroit Lions(7-8) at Green Bay Packers(12-3) 1:00PM
With hopes of home field in the balance, I couldn’t believe the Packers let last weeks game go the way that it did. However, what better way to finish out the season than at home and matched up against a Lions team that tanked in the second half of their season. Brett Favre and the Packers will look at this game as an opportunity to regain some momentum going into the post season.
Packers blow out the Lions at Lambeau

Jacksonville Jaguars(11-4) at Houston Texans(7-8) 1:00PM
The Texans have displayed great improvement this year and had it not been for some of the injuries they suffered throughout the season they may have finished out with a spot in the playoffs. It didn’t work out that way and the Texans will have to settle for a chance to increase their record to 8-8 against a Jacksonville team with nothing left to play for in the regular season. However, even if Jack Del Rio decides not to play all his starters this week, I think the Jaguars still steal away with this small victory.
Jaguars still roll through with second stringers

New Orleans Saints(7-8) at Chicago Bears(6-9) 1:00PM
The Bears put a dent in Green Bay’s armor last week ensuring Dallas with the home field in the NFC post season. Now they have the opportunity to completely squash any playoff hopes for the struggling Saints. Clinging to the post season by a tread, the Saints are in a must win situation just to remain a possibility, but will still have to wait on the outcome of the Washington and Minnesota game to know their fate. It may be all in vain, but…
Saints keep themselves as hopefuls as they cross their fingers and hope for help

Seattle Seahawks(10-5) at Atlanta Falcons(3-12) 1:00PM
Another team set and settled in the post season, the Seahawks will also be entering this final week with nothing to play for. However, the Falcons have been a team under distress all season with one headache after another. From Michael Vick to Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, and back, the loss of Bob Petrino, and the inability to seal the deal with Bill Parchells, the Falcons have just failed to find a break. They won’t even be benefiting from the first pick in the draft to start on a new season!
Seahawks bench beat a defeated Falcons organization

San Francisco 49ers(5-10) at Cleveland Browns(9-6) 1:00PM
After dazzling spectators and energizing fans, the Cleveland Browns went from playoff bound to post season hopefuls. A crippling lose last week has taken the Browns destiny out of their hands and placed it to balance upon a fence. Let’s not forget that it was the 49ers that spoiled a Denver post season last year and they will be looking to repeat the sentiment again this week. With a must win situation just to cling to hope, Derek Anderson and company will need to pull out all the stops.
Browns keep their post season hopes alive

Dallas Cowboys(13-2) at Washington Redskins(8-7) 4:15PM
The last time these teams matched up the Skins gave the Boys a run for their money. That’s why this week, as the Boys travel to the Skins home field with a crew of laughing and good natured starters to warm their bench, the Skins will be looking at a real good shot of clinching the final wild card slot left to the NFC. With their destiny in their own hands expect to see Todd Collins make another plight for why he should remain a starter behind center as he looks to lead this team into the playoffs.
Redskins make their way into the playoffs

Kansas City Chiefs(4-11) at New York Jets(3-12) 4:15PM
The ‘who cares’ of the week, neither team has a playoff hope, neither team can finish with a winning or .500 season, neither team has excited a crowd and that includes their own fans, and neither team should be of interest to watch this week. With that said, I’ll take the home team and wait till the highlights to find out if I was right or not.
J.E.T.S, Jets…oh forget it…Jets win

Minnesota Vikings(8-7) at Denver Broncos(6-9) 4:15PM
The Broncos have struggled all year to compete as a complete unit. Jay Cutler has shown great promise for the future and Brandon Marshall has been more than eager to be his favorite target with great hands and the ability to fight his way down field, but Denver’s offensive line grows older, tired and the protection just isn’t giving Cutler the time he needs. The defensive line has crumbled and failed to hold so that even when they do make a tackle they fall down field for three more yards. The time has come for some changes in Denver, but that won’t help them in this match up as the Vikings hold to their hopes of a playoff berth with the legs of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor.
Vikings take the win in hopes of help into the playoffs

Pittsburgh Steelers(10-5) at Baltimore Ravens(4-11) 4:15PM
The Steelers are in the post season, but are still competing for the third seed. However, with the loss of Willie Parker last week and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Tomlin kept Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, and every other starter in the locker room so that they won’t get hit by accident on the sidelines before making it into the playoffs. If the Steelers play it safe as I think they will, and if the Ravens are as desperate for some self esteem redemption this season, then they might just squeak out one last win on the season.
Ravens take one more win just for pride

San Diego Chargers(10-5) at Oakland Raiders(4-11) 4:15PM
While the playoffs are a reality for the Chargers I believe that they still feel a need to hold onto the third seed. With the Pittsburgh game playing out in unison with their own, the Chargers will have no choice but to begin with their starters. However, once they get the lead I think we will see starters like LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, and Shawne Merriman watching from the sidelines.
Chargers finish season with division win.

St. Louis Rams(3-12) at Arizona Cardinals(7-8) 4:15PM
This match up is another meaningless game without any playoff contention. In fact, I really don’t know what to even say about this match up. I feel that the Cardinals are better staffed to win this game and given the home field advantage it should be a no brainer, but who Knows.
Cardinals finish season at .500

Sunday, December 29th 2007 Sunday Night Football

Tennessee Titans(9-6) at Indianapolis Colts(13-2) 8:15 PM
With the destiny of their playoff dreams resting solely on their own performance in this game I would expect nothing less than the all of every player lined up for the Titans this week. The question will lie in Tony Dungy’s decision on whether or not to sit his starters and when. Chances are Peyton Manning may see only one or two series this week meaning the Titans should be set to take advantage of the possible gift they just might receive.
Titans celebrate a playoff spot

With the regular season at it’s conclusion we will be focusing our attention on the teams that found enough luck to prevail and persevere, the luck of good health and good situations, and in as Don Shula would say, “luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck.” Here’s wishing your team luck.
-Silver Dragon
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Silver Dragon
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Can’t say that I’ve had a fabulous season picking the spread this year and Week 17 is hardly the week to feel confident about any sort of rebound, but what the heck, here we go.
Saturday, December 29th, 2007
New England Patriots -14
New York Giants
Sunday, December 30th, 2007
Buffalo Bills +8
Philadelphia Eagles
Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3
Cincinnati Bengals -3
Miami Dolphins
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers -5
Jacksonville Jaguars +6.5
Houston Texans
New Orleans Saints -2
Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks +1.5
Atlanta Falcons
San Francisco 49ers +10
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins -9
Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens +3.5
Minnesota Vikings -3
Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers
Oakland Raiders +9
St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals -6
Kansas City Chiefs +6
New York Jets
Sunday, December 30th, 2007 Sunday Night Football
Tennessee Titans -4.5
Indianapolis Colts
And with that we not only conclude Week 17, but bring the regular season to a close. But have not fear there are still a few weeks of post season to keep us entertained before we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs in the off season.
-Silver Dragon
:redhot: Silver Dragon Says:redhot:
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage (Originally from The Dungeonmaster)
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