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Besides Regis' voice cracking all the time in today's episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, I was, and is, consistently surprised at how little Americans know of their closest neighbours, Canada, and the reason I am bringing this up is that although I know there are many smart ones of you down there... well.. I don't see too many when it comes to questions about other nations.

Did anyone see Who Wants To Be A Millionaire tonight!?

$64,000 Question: Which of these Canadian provinces doesn't border the U.S.?
A: Alberta
B: Newfoundland
C: Saskatchewan
D: Manitoba

To me, that should be about a $1,000 question! Does anyone actually know the answer here? I was quite disgusted when she got the question wrong.

If you gave me a question of, "Which of these United States doesn't border Canada," I am sure I could get it correct.... especially if the answer is so obvious that one of the states is an ISLAND (of course, as I am SURE you know, the answer above is a province that is an island).

But then again, I guess not everyone is as smart as I.

Does any American here actually know how many provinces & territories Canada has!?... or how many official languages we have!?... or who our head of state is!?... or what our national flag looks like!?

At the very least, though, I am sure you know that we have "monopoly" money, as you call it. The $5 bills are blue, the $10's are purple, the $20's are green, the $100's are brown, and I think the $50's are orange -- I've never really looked at a $50 bill before!

Anyways, I wanted to vent my anger about that one question.
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