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Default Any Rugby fans out there?

Hello all, I'm just wondering if there are any rugby fans out there?

Has anybody heard of/ or seen the game? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
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I honestly don't know the first thing about rugby. What is the objective of the game??? All I know is that they play it on a really huge field with a round ball that looks smaller than a soccer ball but I'm not sure.

Fill me in??
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Actually the field is not that huge, and the game is played with an oval ball that is a bit bigger than a gridiron ball and not so pointy at the ends.

I'll try and explain rugby using gridiron as a point of reference.

Just like in gridiron, rugby is played on a rectangular field. Rugby has goal posts just like gridrion, except in rugby the goal posts are situated at the front of the touchdown area unlike at the end in gridiron. From goal post to goal post the length distance of the rugby field measures 100m. The width of the field measures 69m. The touchdown area at both ends is about 15m deep.

The object of the game just like in gridiron is to score more points than your opponent. Just like in gridiron there are only two ways to score points and that is by a touchdown (in rugby this is called a "try") or kicking the ball through the goal posts. Unlike in gridiron a touchdown in rugby can only be achieved if the player forces the ball on the ground with their hand. Once a touchdown is awarded the scoring team then attempts a place kick (in rugby this is called a "conversion") from the line of where the touchdown was scored, and to kick it between the posts. The points for a touchdown is worth 5 points, and 2 points for a successful conversion after the touchdown. Just like in gridiron were the defending team can be penalised for an infringement, and thus allow the offensive team a penalty kick, the same thing happens in rugby. Just like in gridiron penalty kicks in rugby are worth 3 points. Another way to score in rugby is through a "drop goal". This scoring method can only occur during actual gameplay. To score a "drop goal" a player must release the ball from his has hands and let it bounce on the ground and then he must kick it when the ball is on the rebound between the goal posts. This scoring method is very difficult to do as it requires alot of skill, and because of this it is not used very often unless of course the game is tied, or if the team is behind by a couple points. A "drop goal" is worth 3 points. Also I should add, place kicks ("conversions") and penalty kicks cannot be contested like that in gridiron where the defending team can block the kicker's attempt. The only time when a kick at goal can be contested in rugby is when the offensive team attempts a "drop goal".

Okay, I've explained the scoring system, now I will try to explain some of the finer points in rugby.

Firstly, the game of rugby has 30 people on the field at any one time. Each team has 15 players on the field, and each team has only 7 bench players (reserves). Unlike in gridiron, a rugby team doesn't have a offensive unit and a defensive unit. In rugby everybody on the team plays both defence and offensive. Games are 80 minutes long, with two 40 minute halves, and the clock is only stopped in the game if there is an injury. Unlike in gridiron where only certain players are likely to touch the ball, in rugby every single player will get at least one opportunity to have a go at running or touching the ball. Also, in rugby players don't wear padding or helmets for protection. A players gear consists of a jersey, shorts, socks, and boots.

In rugby just like in gridiron, each player has a certain role that needs to be fulfilled. In gridiron where you have offensive/defensive linesmen, in rugby we call these guys "forwards". In rugby of the 15 players on the field, 8 of these guys are forwards. There job is to protect the possession of the ball, or if they are defending they are to fight for possession of the ball. "Forwards" are also involved in a "scrum". A "scrum" is similar to a scrimmage in gridiron. The other 7 players on a rugby team are called the "backs". In gridiron these guys would be called running back, or wide receivers, or the quarter back. Just like in gridiron where the QB has the most important job. In rugby the same can be said of the "Fly Half" which is a position within the "backs". Just like a QB, the "Fly Half" can decide whether to run with the ball, or pass the ball, or to kick the ball down the field.

Here are the positions of rugby:

For the forwards:
1. Prop
2. Hooker
3. Prop
4. Lock
5. Lock
6. Flanker
7. Flanker
8. No. 8

For the backs:
9. Scrum Half
10. Fly Half
11. Left Winger
12. Inside Center
13. Outside Center
14. Right Wing
15. Full Back

Here is an example of what can happen during and after a scrum...

When a scrum is formed the Half Back places the ball in the middle of the scrum. The Hooker then hooks the ball with his feet. The ball then rolls to the No. 8's feets. The Half Back then picks up the ball then passes the ball to the Fly Half. The Fly Half has a choice to either run/pass/kick the ball. The fly half opts to p**** he then passes the ball to the inside center. The inside center then runs with the ball, then passes the ball to the outside side just before he gets tackled by the defending team. The outside center then passes the ball to the right winger who then sprints to the oppositions in-goal area for a touch down.

Now I will talk about some of the basic rules of rugby:

- In rugby it is illegal for a player to throw the ball forward. The passer must pass the ball behind him. If the pass is deemed forward, then the team with the ball will be penalised and the defending team will then be awarded the ball.

- Unlike in gridiron where players can block defenders from tackling the ball carrier, in rugby this is illegal and a penalty will be awarded to the offensive team, thus giving up possession to the defending team.

- In rugby if the ball is carried or kicked out to the sideline then the team that last touched the ball will automatically give up possession to the team that didn't touch the ball last.

- In rugby a team can have unlimited possession. Unlike in gridiron where you have 4 chances to make 10 yards, in order to receive another 4 chances. In rugby a team's time in possession really depends on the situation. If an offensive team is making yardage, then a team will hold the ball longer because the offensive team will know that the defensive team is having trouble defending. If an offensive team is struggling to make yardage or even making negative yardage because of the defense. The offensive team will most likely kick to ball down field in order to make some yardage and to releive the pressure that the defensive team is forcing on them.

- In rugby each team must be behind the line of the ball. If not, than the infringing team make be penalised.

- In rugby play can continue if the ball is dropped, but on one condition. That is, as long as the ball is not dropped/touched forward by the ball carrier - in rugby we call this "knock on". If there is a "knock on" then play will stop and the ball will be awarded to the defending team. If the ball is dropped/touched backwards play can still continue.

- In rugby there is only umpire on the field officiating. There are also 2 touch judges that occupy the sideline like that in soccer.

Rugby is quite a fast game that features fewer stoppages when compared to gridiron. The flow of the game tends to be continuous, and the game features a lot of passing between players. Just like in gridiron, rugby is quite a strategic game. The game combines brawn with brain, and offers quite exciting action.

An excellent rugby site to goto if you want to find out more about the game, news and results is: www.planet-rugby.com

If the stuff I've explained above is a bit hard to follow just pop a question to me. What I explained above is probably the very basics about rugby but feel free to ask if anybody whats more info, I'll be happy to answer any Qs.
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Wow, Marcus, great post and explanation! It's much appreciated.
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No problem mjames.

I believe that FOXSPORTWORLD will be showing some "Super 12" games in North America this week.

If you are wondering what "Super 12" is, well thats the premier provincial rugby competition in the Southern Hemisphere. Teams come from 3 countries - namely Australia (3 teams), South Africa (4 teams), and New Zealand (5 teams).

The Super 12 is known as the best rugby competition in the world. As the games are very exciting and the competition is fierce.

If anybody can get FOXSPORTSWORLD check out a rugby game and tell me what you think. I'll be glad to answer any Qs.
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As a Brit... I'm a huge Rugby League guy.

Don't like Union too much...

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