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Talking Why College Football is the greatest sport

One of the most heated discussions in the world of sports is simply “What is the greatest sport?” As simple as it sounds there is no true answer, just opinions. Now to look into this discussion, the understanding of the word sport must be known. The word sport is defined as a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. So in other words a sport is a game played with heart and having a passion to win. That, right away, throws out any chance of a professional sport being declared as the greatest. When ever money is involved the love of a game is lost. More time is committed on worrying about salary than the game itself. Now, that leaves the world of college sports. Hands down, the two most spectacular sports in the NCAA are football and basketball. And college football wins without a fight.
Why is college football better than college basketball? Is it because teams fight for school pride rather than individual glory? Or that every game must be won to prove that your national contenders? Football is a physical demanding sport and with no pay it provides great entertainment. Guys put their body on the line just so their school will be featured on the front page of a local paper. Instead of having one champion, there are many bowl games played so small schools have something to reach for.
The Bowl Championship Series Standings often gets criticized for its 'unfair' way of ranking college football teams. But it is not to be blamed, but thanked. It is one of the reasons college football is such an elite sport. Nothing can drive a team more than the odds against it. If there are three undefeated teams and only two teams go to the national championship game, then that adds the intensity that the sport brings. Now bring all of the other bowl games into the equation. Week in and week out, teams will be fighting for a higher standing for a better bowl game spot. Now what is more exciting than that?
Unlike in college football, college basketball involves two major ideas; winning the championship tournament and making a name for yourself. It feels like a waste of time watching a team of twelve individuals running up and down the court trying to stun NBA scouts with amazing crossovers (if you would call them crossovers) and high-flying dunks, and in the meanwhile getting nothing accomplished and jeopardizing the game on a final buzzer beating shot. In football you don't make a name for yourself, but you rely on others to help you do your job. A football game isn't won unless those eleven souls unite and play until the final gun sounds. It isn't considered winning in football when you lob up a ball and pray it drops for three.
College football is the greatest sport being played at this day and age. Competition is high and that provides excitement for the fans. No one is out trying to make a name for themselves. Instead they are trying to move their school closer to a conference title. They play football as the game was written and that's truly what counts. Its great to wake up every Saturday and know you can have sixty minutes of pure American football.
-Dave Hilts
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I think that is well written. I do have some questions.

You said that NCAA basketball players play for individual pride and that NCAA football players play as a team, but do no NCAA football players wish to win the Heisman trophy? And NCAA basketball players do compete as a team, do they not?

I also think that March Madness is much more organized than the BCS. Think about it, the top teams all have a fair chance at becoming #1, unlike the BCS where if you're not #1 or #2 in the country then you don't have a chance to fight for #1.

That's just what I'm thinking...
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In college basketball, it's all black and white - either you win the national championship or you don't. With college football there are indeterminate shades of gray; maybe they should play all the bowl games in Europe!

And something tells me that many, if not most, of those who are opposed to a full-fledged postseason tournament to determine the national championship of college football are also against leaving a child back in school who gets failing grades, on the grounds that doing so would hurt the kid's "self-esteem." Essentially the same mind-set is present in both instances.

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