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Default Unwritten rules of the board

I've been reading and posting on the board for around five months now and during that time I've come across some consistent habits that I think need to be pointed out so that newcomers can be aware of some of the unwritten rules and policies we keep on this board.

Feel free to add any you would like, or to berate me to your heart's content.

Rule #1
If you disagree with someone's opinion, it is important not to respect that opinion. Instead, you must find as many statistics and as much evidence as you possibly can, trying to shoot as many holes into the opinion as you can.

Rule #1a
It is also important to insult the person while proving him (or her) wrong.

Rule #2
When coming across a juvenile poster, one whom is not as sophisticated or intelligent as you, it is vital that you must make him (or her) look like an idiot. When said juvenile poster responds with angry comments, it is necessary to continue responding until said juvenile poster is either in tears or has fled the board.

Rule #3
You must always have the last word during an argument. No matter how futile or unimportant the argument may appear to everyone else in the entire world. There is nothing worse than being shown up on a message board.

Rule #4
Never insult Canada, ever.

Rule #5
Unless you can be considered an "expert" in the sport, its usually best not to respond to questions or make any bold statements in the four major sports. If you go in without knowing all the facts, be prepared to reap the consequences.

Rule #6
If you have a favorite team in any sport, and you feel like you might have some inside or expert knowledge on them, try not to ever speak about that team. As soon as people realize you're a fan, any credibility you have will be shot to hell.

Rule #7
If you feel as if you're losing an argument or you can't find the last word, challenge the other person to a fight. Because if there's anything in this world worth coming to blows over, its a disagreement on a message board with someone you've never really met.

Rule #8
If you've been proven wrong, by everyone, and you have no other real argument to present for your case, just start spouting off insults and buzz words to anyone and everyone who has responded to a thread you started.

Rule #9
If you have started a thread asking a question, and you don't like the answers you are getting, you must...MUST...berate those answers. You should never start a thread expecting people's opinions, you should be starting them expecting them to agree with you.

Rule #10
If you find someone on the board you think is an easy target, the best thing to do is to find every thread they've posted in and make fun of them in each thread. This way, you're proving to everyone what an idiot the other person is.

That's all I can think of right now. But if there are any more rules, please keep posting. I'd hate to think I missed any of them.
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