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The NCAA is in year two of allowing 12 games to be played dhav. ND could play 8 Big Ten games, and throw in Navy, USC, BC, and Stanford easily like Dave said. Exit Navy for a year or two, throw in your FSU's or Mountaineers, or whoever ND wants to take on, and there you have it, ND in the Big Ten.

I still say ND doesn't join UNLESS the BCS gets really crazy and forces teams to join one of the BCS conferences to get a piece of the pie. Remember, ND trustees voted something like 25-1 for entrance into the Big Ten a few years back, only to get denied by internal forces ( the President and alumni I believe, not sure) due to revenue loss through their NBC tv contract. Academically, culturally, and environmentally speaking, ND is a Big Ten school. Financially, it's a different story. They love their separate money.

We still don't know what kind of chaos is going to go on, whether it be on the field, or in some suits' office between now and the time the BCS is up. The setup of college football and the BCS is very uncertain right now, however, I still feel ND joining the Big Ten would be quite a shock really.

Penn State hasn't been all that earth shattering besides some early success since joining the Big Ten in 1993 dhav, esp. by PSU standards. At this point, ND may need the Big Ten to get itself in better recruiting position. Purdue has easily been a better football team in recent years then ND, and Indiana may overtake the Irish on the grid iron as well by default ( the Hoosiers just plain stink).

ND never thought they would be the 3rd best team in Indiana, but they are making a contest out of it. Perhaps some " outside" help is finally needed.
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The 12 game season is a temporary calender issue. This will not be a permanent thing, next year 11 games.

Sat 09/04/2004 Cincinnati (1) Columbus, Ohio TBA

Sat 09/11/2004 Marshall Columbus, Ohio TBA

Sat 09/18/2004 North Carolina State Raleigh, NC TBA

Sat 10/02/2004 Northwestern Evanston, Ill. TBA

Sat 10/09/2004 Wisconsin Columbus, Ohio TBA

Sat 10/16/2004 Iowa Iowa City, Iowa TBA

Sat 10/23/2004 Indiana (3) Columbus, Ohio TBA

Sat 10/30/2004 Penn State Columbus, Ohio TBA

Sat 11/06/2004 Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. TBA

Sat 11/13/2004 Purdue West Lafayette, Ind. TBA

Sat 11/20/2004 Michigan Columbus, Ohio TBA

Thats Ohio State's schedule next year. Count 'em up. 11 games.
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dhav, you're right. Back to 11 next year, but as I think I noted before, expect the conferences and the networks to lean on the NCAA to allow a perpetual 12 game schedule beginning in 2005, to coincide with the renewal/renegotiation of TV contracts.

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The rankings are going to be very interesting this week. As of right now, 8 out of the 16 teams who were ranked ahead of TCU lost. I think the top few teams are very clear, but it becomes very interesting from 8-18. Here is what I predict.

1. OU
2. Miami
3. Ohio St -- if they go on to win
4. Virginia Tech
5. Nebraska -- but I dont think they are even a top 10 team
6. Georgia
7. USC -- if they go on to win
8. Wash St
9. FSU
10. LSU
11. Iowa
12. Michigan
13. TCU
14. NIU
15. Purdue
16. Mich State
17. Arkansas
18. Texas
19. Minnesota
20. Tennessee
21. Oregon State
22. Oklahoma State

There are some rankings there from 8-20 that are really hard to call. You have to move teams that won up(like Nebraska, Georgia, Michigan, TCU, NIU, Michigan St), but do you move them past the 8 teams that lost? If so how far. This will be a very interesting poll to look at. My alarm is set.

Edit: Nebraska lost too! I think this weeks poll is one of the most interesting I have ever seen. How do you guys rank it?

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heh, look back at some of my predictions in the first post of this thread. Some of them are right on, some WAY off. Interesting to see how the season develops relative to our expectations. TCU is still where I predicted though.
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