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Default Ellisís End Of The Year Predictions

Right now you are probably sitting at your computer with who you think will win their divisions and what not. Well, whatever predictions you have in your head are wrong. Erase them immediately.

But, They could be right if your predictions are the exact same as mine. In that case, donít erase them.

Well any who here they are:

American Conference

1) New York Jets: Pennington can and will save them again. But, after their remarkable run to get into the playoffs, they will lose in the first or second round
2) New England Patriots: They are looking good now, but they will win about 25% of the rest of the games of the season leaving them in 2nd in the division.
3) Miami: One word Cursed. If not cursed, they always have a good team and suck.
4) Buffalo Bills

1) Indianapolis Colts: Manning and Harrison will always be huge and score points. With James back in the mix, the Colts can mix up the plays more.
2) Tennessee Titans: Will make the playoffs and maybe make the Super Bowl. They will come in second in the division down one game to the Colts.
3) Jacksonville Jaguars: If you lose in the division to the Texans, please just give up football. Give Leftwitch a few years and they will be good.
4) Houston Texans

1) Baltimore Ravens: They are in the worst division in the NFL. Their defense will hold them above .500. They will be a decent team that struggles with the pass.
2) Pittsburgh Steelers: After the amazing win against the mighty Arizona Cardinals, they will gain momentum and work there way up to .500 or maybe a game under.
3) Cincinnati Bangles: The offence is looking decent, but there team is still nothing special
4) Cleveland Browns: Jim Cary, Cleveland sucks. In your theme song you meant to say Pittsburgh,

1) Kansas City Chiefs: No questions asked. They will lose one game. They will lose as a fluke and their undefeated season will be ruined.
2) Denver Broncos: Once Plummer gets back they will get back to there winning ways.
3) San Diego Chargers: Will keep sucking, but not as bad as the black hole.
4) Oakland Raiders: Keep blaming each other, it is amusing.

National Conference

1) Dallas Cowboys: Parcels has turned this team around. I am sure the Travster is proud.
2) Philadelphia Eagles: McNabb will have a turn around season. THEY ARE A FLUKE. The team is playing awful and still 7-3.
3) Washington Redskins: Decent team, but donít have a stand out player on offence.
4) New York Giants

1) California Panthers: Great defense. It is hard to argue that any other team in that division can catch up.
2) Tampa Bay: They will start winning but they will only be around .500.
3) New Orleans Saints
4) Atlanta Falcons: Yeah Kornbix, what now?

1) Minnesota Vikings: Finally the offence has broken loose. I choose them for the Super Bowl.
2) Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre, you suck.
3) Detroit Lions: Why does a great coach live Mariuchi have to coach such a team of losers? Because the 49s are dumb Asses.
4) Chicago Bears: Wow, Slash really helped you guys.

1) St. Lewis Rams: With Bulger at QB, the offence will keep being great. Hopefully the defense can cause 8 turnovers in the rest of the games.
2) Seattle Seahawks: Good offence. They arenít too amazing.
3) San Francisco 49ers: You let me down this year.
4) Arizona Cardinals: Where would you be with out Emmit?

Well there you go. Wee what you think.

My Super Bowl Pick:
*Vikings (49) vs. Titans (24)

Ewww, I wrote this on word and the spacing turned out wierd. Oh well, it is still ok.
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I think the AFC East will shape out a lot different. There is no way the Jets win that division unless there is a tie for 1st with an 8-8 record or something. I think the Jets really should have lost to Oakland last week, and they still have 3 teams to overcome in 7 games.
New England will win that division unless my Dolphins can start waking up from the dead sleep they are in right now. Buffalo is too inconsistent.

I agree with the AFC pretty much otherwise.

As far as the NFC:

East- Dallas is going to start losing. I just get that feeling. I think Philly will overtake them. I can't possibly think that the Giants will finish last, but they have been so up and down it is hard to figure them out. Still, I think they are better than the Cowboys. (Plus, I just don't like the Cowboys)...

NFC South: agreed, Carolina will have to do something pretty amazing to lose that division. Tampa Bay will still have a chance at wild card.

NFC North: Well, Minnesota is really starting to have their problems exposed, but I do agree that they will hang on to this division.

NFC West: Agree, St. Louis is much better than Seattle on paper. It should be a good race, but I think St. Louis will win division. Seattle will get wild card.

Okay, those are my thoughts. Now I get to laugh at these in January, right?
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I agree with most of your thoughts, ellis.

Can't say that I expected that, after reading your Jet selection to start your predictions with.

No, the Jets will NOT win the AFC East. If Oakland was not such a group of lame-asses NY would be sitting at 2-7 right now. The Jets are not a good team at all.

I don't see Minnesota representing the NFC is the Super Bowl.

St. Louis might be tough to beat, and I would not be shocked to see Dallas get there.

You GO, TRAVIS!!!!!!!!
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Did u predict the Jets. Are u on strong narcotics lol
Keith "baseball nut" Thronson
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Nah, he is just a fan of Chad Pennington.

He picked the NFC pretty much as I would, but I think the Patriots win the AFC East and Titans win the AFC South.

I strongly disagree that Minnesota will be in the Super Bowl. If Minnesota were to play against the Titans in the Super Bowl, I would hope that the Vikings would not hang 49 points on the board and beat the Titans by 25.

Tennesse Titans Superbowl Champs 2003...Steve Mcnair for NFL MVP...Hopefully the Gators can compete in the SEC
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I posted before the season that the Superbowl would be Philadelphia and Indy. I still stand by that prediction.
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Default Re: Ellisís End Of The Year Predictions

Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre, you suck.

Yeah a shoo-in for the hall of fame and approaching Fran Tarkenton for 2nd on the all time TD passes list sucks. Please clue me in if I'm missing something
Penn State '12

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Jets can't win the AFC East. No team that the Giants beat will make the playoffs.

It will be difficult for Philly to lose the NFC East. Two reasons, their schedule (easier than Dallas) and their defense, which keeps them in the game long enough for the lousy offense to figure out how to score.
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The J
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Ellis, I think you mean Drew Carey (on that Cleveland comment).
Good pitching beats good hitting any day of the week.
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Originally posted by The J
Ellis, I think you mean I missed that mistake. I did mean Drew Carey.

Ok, ok, I guess picking the Jets to win the didvision was me being a little bit of a homer, but I still think they can turn it around into at least 2nd in the division.

Last edited by Ellis; 11-15-2003 at 12:22 PM.
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1) Minnesota Vikings: Finally the offence has broken loose. I choose them for the Super Bowl.
2) Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre, you suck.
Uh ... where have you been the last three weeks? The Vikes have lost three in a row, yet they're your Super Bowl pick? Meanwhile, your Favre comment is downright wrong -- even if you don't like him, you have to admit he has done it all and deserves everything he has received. And newsflash: Ahman Green is the focal point of the Packers, not Favre.
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The Patriots will be just about impossible to catch in the AFC East; they have a two-game lead over a Miami team they have already beaten on the road and still get a crack at in Foxboro, in the cold weather, where the Dolphins have not even been competitive in a very long time.

Over in the AFC South, the Titans have the advantage even though they are currently tied with the Colts, because the remaining game between the two teams is at Tennessee - outdoors and on natural grass. Indianapolis hasn't finished ahead of the Titans since they were still the Houston Oilers (in 1996), and won't do it this year either.

In the West, if the Chiefs don't win the division title it will be the biggest folderoo in sports since the 1964 Phillies; and I'll take a walk on the wild side in the North and say the last two teams at present - Pittsburgh and Cleveland - will be the first two when it's all said and done. Sorry, I refuse to believe the Bengals are for real, and from here on out everybody is going to be keying on Jamal Lewis (as if they weren't already) now that Baltimore's quarterback situation has gone from the inexperienced (with Kyle Boller) to the totally inept (with any combination of Chris Redman, Anthony Wright and Ray Lucas, the latter signed during this past week).

But let me say that I completely disagree with Sean Salisbury, who has gone on record as picking the Titans over the Chiefs should they meet for the AFC title; if the game's at Arrowhead with a 10-degree wind-chill factor, no way Tennessee wins unless Eddie George has a massive form reversal between now and January.

In the NFC, I think the Vikings are finished - they peaked too early and can't win outdoors and on grass, upon which they must play three more games the rest of the year. Whether they or the Packers win the division is almost irrelevant since whoever does will not only be the conference's #4 seed, but most likely will be an underdog in its first-round playoff game despite getting to play it at home.

Since I picked the Rams to go all the way back in August, I'm stuck with them, at least to win the NFC West; but like the Vikings, they, too, have struggled big-time in outdoor, natural-grass games - but their remaining game against division co-leader Seattle is at home.

With a three-game lead plus tie-breakers over both the Saints and the Bucs, Carolina should cruise home in the NFC South, and if the Eagles can get by the Giants today they could overhaul the Cowboys in the East as their remaining three home games after the Giant game are all against either warm-weather or indoor teams, including a December 7 rematch with Dallas, whose two-point victory over Philadelphia in Week 6 is Philly's only loss since their 0-2 start.

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I'm a fan of the Niners. Their kicking game has really cost them this year. They let Cleveland off the hook at home. They could well be 7-2 or even 8-1 right now.

But that's the nature of the game. My guess is that they'll be lucky to get to 9-7. They'd have to go 5-2 the rest of the way to even get that far.
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