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FL Tiger
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Just for you, Tom Baker, I figured I'd say something nice...

The best thing about Duke winnning was finally seeing a team CELEBRATE with class! I get so sick of seeing these punks get up in the camera and gloat. I get sick of seeing players talk about how they were never respected. I get sick of seeing them strut around the court and say, "look at me! respect me!"

Duke celebrated with themselves. They didn't taunt, they didn't strut, they didn't clamor for attention from the cameras or the crowd. They just celebrated with the same teammates they fought throughout the year with. That's what sports is all about.
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I think a lot of the reason they didn't taunt or gloat is because they have been taught by a legend in Coach K. They expect to win and have been taught respect and maturity. Gosh, this sounds like I'm on Duke's side - I'm not at all, but what I say is true.
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I think you are right, Marc. The coach has a lot to do with how the team acts, and Duke's coach is truely a good one. This reflects in his team.

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Props to Coach K for winning and keep his team a classy one. He truely is a legandary coach!

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Yeah, I didn't get to say it before but I wanted to congratulate the Duke fans on their team winning the National Championship.

Coach K is definitely the best in the college biz, as much as I hate to admit anything good about Duke, being a North Carolina Tar Heel fan. He's a class act with a team that handles themselves just like him and with the success rate of being one of the most dominate teams in college basketball year-in and year-out.
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