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Hey guys,

It is with a little sadness that I am today announcing ending my relationship with Sports Central and the Sports Central Message Boards.

I've been here since November, 1999, when I wrote my first article. I was here when the boards first started to become big upon the transfer to the vB software. In 2002 after about 60 articles, I stopped writing because of my busy schedule and just focused on the boards because writing just wasn't my thing anymore. Now, neither is posting on this forum.

I am glad to have met a lot of great people on these boards. Some I got the chance to meet in real life. If any of you remember the former PGA Mod, Ravi, it is because of him that I am at the university I am at now. Without meeting him through the SCMB, I never would have known about The University of Western Ontario and never would've ended up here. I've also met Brian in real life and although I love London, I haven't run into too many sports fanataics here so it's good I can drive down the street to watch sports with him and goto Toronto to see Raptors games. And of course I've met some great e-friends like Simon, Diceman, Shawn, Brandon, and all others those I run into on the forums daily here.

But over the past while I've determined that this just isn't for me anymore. I love all sports. I love and actually follow closely the NBA, MLB, NFL, CFL, PGA, CHL, Olympics, curling... basically anything that doesn't start with "NCAA" and doesn't have a car racing component to it. But I'm most passionate about the CFL, NHL, PGA, and CHL, and Sports Central doesn't offer me any of this.

My contact information is in my signature here. I think I have everyone's MSN address that I normally keep up with (except Shawn... if you want to add me please feel free... you never know when you may need me! ). Also I'm going to keep participating in the fantasy leagues because those are fun and when hockey is back up, I don't want Brandon to have the satisfaction of thinking he did better than me. The friendly rivalries I have with him and Simon and Brian and Nate, is loads of fun.

I am very glad to have met so many great people here. Unfortunately, I've had it with administration at this site for about a year now and finally decided it was time to exit.

Lee | [email protected]
-BSc Student, Honors Mathematics & Computer Science III
-Software Test Associate, Research In Motion

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