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Default Silver Dragon's "Picks For Kicks" Preseason Week 4

With the conclusion of Week 3 of my preseason picks, it seems as though I’m still balanced right at .500. This week I finish 8-8, which brings me to 24 of 48 or 24-24 (.500). Entering into the final week of the preseason, I find that picks are difficult to come by. No one wants to get injured one game away for the regular season. So some starters will continue to sit out and other will play, but cautiously. Regardless, this week picks are on the board. We’ll have to see if I can finish over .500.

Thursday, Aug. 30rd

Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions (7:00 PM)
The Lions have actually had a good preseason this year, but I still don’t think they will make 10+ games during the regular season as Jon Kitna predicted. Not unless we include their preseason wins. I give them 3-1 to finish.
Lions complete preseason on a high note

New York Giants at New England Patriots (7:30 PM)
The Giants have had their highlighted moments during this preseason, but as long as Tom Coughlin remains their coach I see many issues revolving around this team. This game won’t ease any of their pain either.
Patriots get a head start on a winning season

New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles (7:30 PM)
Final game of the preseason makes it hard to make a sure fire pick on any game. Who wants to risk injury at this point? I think the Jets will have a good season this year, but so will the Eagles. So who do I pick here? I’ve been favoring the Jets a lot lately, but to win in Philly? Call me crazy, but…
J.E.T.S., Jets, Jets, Jets

Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars (7:30 PM)
At a glance I would have to say Jaguars have the advantage, and I based that solely on their defense because their offense doesn’t impress me. Then to having home field is an even greater advantage, but did Washington beat Baltimore last week, Baltimore’s defense to be more precise? Mark that one up to another case of preseason paradox? I don’t see two in a row for Washington.
Jaguars finish with a win

Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears (8:00 PM)
So will the Bears go 4-0 in the preseason? Hold on, let me shake up my eight-ball for the answer…eight-ball says…answer is unclear. Oh well, guess I will have to go with my own predictions.
Bears complete preseason 4-0

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings (8:00 PM)
As it was pointed out to me last week, Dallas and Houston have a habit of trading off wins in the preseason. And I think I was told it was Houston’s turn to win. So what can I say, those teams gotta keep the residents of the Lone Star State happy. This week is a different story however; Cowboys will finish the preseason 3-1.
Cowboys finish strong on the road

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans (8:00 PM)
Looks like Vince Young is getting all warmed up as he offered up a nice little display of talent last week against Buffalo. This young quarterback has a nice career ahead of him in the NFL. I just wonder if a certain photo on a popular software program might become a slight haunt for him once the season gets underway.
Titans tackle the Packers

Houston Texans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8:00 PM)
After Houston marked up their nice little win against Dallas last week, I can’t say I’m favoring either of these teams very heavily right now. However, I have to believe that in a regular season match up I would be in favor of the Bucs. So I’ll take the Buccaneers with the home field advantage.
Buccaneers beat Texans

Kansas City Chiefs at St. Louis Rams (8:00 PM)
Things are not looking too good for the Chiefs. After dropping their first two preseason games, they still don’t seem to have a definite answer at their quarterback position. With Damon Huard nursing a sore calf, Brodie Croyle botched his chance to take the spotlight in last week’s game, giving the Chiefs an 0-3 record. Without ever having to take a snap in the third game, Huard got named the Chiefs starter two days later. Now they must finish the preseason on the road.
Rams win at home, Chiefs finish 0-4

Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints (8:00 PM)
I picked the Saints to beat Buffalo and they lost. I pick the Saints to lose against Cincinnati and they win. So last week I ignored the Saints and picked Kansas City to lose…they did, hence the Saints won. Last year I couldn’t seem to pick a Green Bay game to save my life. Are the Saints going to be my problem child this year?
Miami breaks even at 2-2 after LOSS in this game

Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers (8:00 PM)
Ben Roethlisberger may not have been happy with his performance last week, but I think he was starting to find his focus. After a good start in the HOF game, Big Ben has been looking a little rusty. He may not have been able to top off a drive with a passing TD, but he was able to spread the ball out and pull in some yards. I expect him to find the endzone this weekend.
Steelers slip away with a win

Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos (9:00 PM)
My Broncos have been rather depressing this preseason. After only one series from Jay Cutler in a win against San Francisco, they have lost the last two match ups. Add in the injuries and I would think Denver is ready to close out and put this preseason behind them. That said, Arizona is 0-3. Could they get their first win here? Naw, don’t think so.
Broncos win, Arizona finishes 0-4

Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks (10:00 PM)
The Raiders finally chalked up a win last week. Forget that it was against another struggling team traveling from Arizona for this match up. At this point, the Raiders need to take any win they can, even an exhibition one. So let them celebrate in Oakland, because 1 is the length of this win streak.
Seahawks cap off the preseason with a victory

San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers (10:00 PM)
The 49ers are one of my teams to watch this year as I believe they are an up and coming team. Look for them to surprise a few teams and finish over .500 this year. However, even in the preseason, I’m not so sure they can walk into Qualcomm Stadium and defeat the Chargers.
Chargers win another as they gear up for the regular season

Friday, Aug. 31th

Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons (7:30 PM)
Michael Vick may be done in Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still entertain. Enter Noriaki Kino****a; the first Japanese player to ever take the field in an NFL game. Kino****a was able to complet the one reception thrown his way for 12 yards and fielded two kickoff returns averaging 20 yards. All that said, they still lose to Baltimore this week.
Ravens rebound from last weeks lose

Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals (7:30 PM)
Chad Johnson, Mr. Ocho Cinco, was back in true form last week. Forget about the five receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown. Mr. Cinco decided to take it upon himself to clean up the yellow flags left on the field, insure that the down marker was on the right down, clean the lint from Carson Palmer’s ear during an interview, and help collect up some cable left on the side line. Is anyone familiar with OCD? We’ll have to see if he can stay focused on the game enough to keep up with Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison’s stats this week.
Colts clean up with a win in final preseason game.

And that wraps up the final week of the preseason. Next week we can look forward to picks made with all the starters in mind. Teams will be playing for a record worthy of the playoffs and hopes of a Super Bowl appearance. Next week starts the regular season! Next week starts the battle for #1. Will your team be there?
-Silver Dragon
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When I arrived at work tonight I found a silver 1942 dime in the till - seriously!

If I flip it, will it come up heads or tails?

And I'd imagine you'll be taking part in our Pick 'em contests (see the stuck thread).
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Originally Posted by Silver Dragon View Post
And that wraps up the final week of the preseason. Next week we can look forward to picks made with all the starters in mind. Teams will be playing for a record worthy of the playoffs and hopes of a Super Bowl appearance. Next week starts the regular season! Next week starts the battle for #1. Will your team be there?
Thanks Silver Dragon - love the picks & your hard work. Looking forward to your week 1 picks!!!:thumbsup2:
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My Saints won 7-0! GO SAINTS.
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