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Default Rules Analysis from the UGA/UF Game (A little lenghty, sorry)

I need a little help on a few calls that were made today in the UGA/UF game. I have passed the high school referee's rules test the past 3 years and called a few high school games but I have never seen, heard, or read where you can have a DEADBALL, 15 yard, personal foul face mask. There is no doubt that the defender grabbed the facemask and did not attempt to let go which, by rule, is a personal foul. The offensive player, while stiff arming the defender, grabbed the facemask but that will never be called, at least I wouldn't call it. But there is no, and never has been, a deadball facemask in the rules.

Another call that blows my mind is when the umpire (the official behind the defense) throws a flag, 20 yards past the line of scrimmage, for not having seven players on the line. Once the ball is past the umpire, his job is to turn and follow the play and watch for blocking infractions, etc. Even during the pre-snap activities, the umpire does not look for the seven men on the line infraction. That is the job of the side judges. It blows my mind how the umpire can throw a flag for that penalty and it not be waived off by the referee.

Finally, as the head official, your main job, after the snap, it to watch and protect the QB. With that being the case, how is it possible for Stafford to take a snap, take a knee, turn to ref and wait on a whitsle, and then get blind sided by a defensive lineman? What was the referee looking at? Some say that what UGA did after their first score was "classless" and it might have been, but at the same time, hitting a QB while he is on a knee is just as bad.

The officiating in this game was the worst that I have ever seen; at any level. There are plenty of high school officials that are more than capable of calling a game better than the "Zebras" that called the game today. It is very rare for the commentators to comment about the level officiating or lack there of, in any sport and the commentators from today's game may be fined but, in my opinion, they were very well justified in their criticisim of the officiating in today's game. Fans from both sides can argue which plays displayed a lack of "class" and which ones didn't. For me, the biggest disgrace of the day was the men in black and white stripes.

I may be upset because I am a UGA fan; that is why I would like other opinions. Any comments?
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Originally Posted by jway32 View Post
I may be upset because I am a UGA fan

No comment

Welcome jway, I'm sure Buck can and will help you out.
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Thanks, I hope so!!
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