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Mike Round
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Default Get Selig out now!

Baseball is in the middle of yet another crisis and the time is right for dramatic surgery. Forget contraction - FIRE SELIG!!!!!!!
For God's sake this guy is a total idiot. A pathetic puppet of the owners (isn't the Commish supposed to be neutral not obvuiously lined up with either the owners or players?), his resume stinks.
A strike that he was at least 50% responsible for.
Expansion - when everyone told him it was a dumb idea.
Absolutely no progress in revenue disparity.
No end in sight to baseball's economic woes.
Contraction - when everyone told him it was a dumb idea.
Jesus wept if this guy was a regular employee he couldn't hold down a job flipping burgers. 10 years in the job and the game is no better off.
Oh - and he has a ridiculous haircut (or hairpiece?)
Candidates for the job? Michael Bloomberg on Meet the Press yesterday suggested Rudy Guiliani. Great call - except he's a Yankee fan so that won't happen. Even Dan Quayle would be better than Bum Selig though.
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