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Default Silver Dragon's Week 11 Picks

It seems parity ran rich through the NFL in week 10. Arizona defeated Detroit in a game of turnovers, St. Louis completely demolished New Orleans, and Peyton Manning threw 6 interceptions and still almost won the game except for a 29 yard field goal miss by Adam Vinatieri.

Through it all I managed to maintain an above .500 week, finishing 8-6 for a season total of 87-57 (.604). This week just goes to show that there is no such thing as a sure thing in the NFL. Thatís why we love this sport! So with that, letís get on with the Week 11 Picks!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Arizona Cardinals(4-5) at Cincinnati Bengals(3-6) 1:00 PM
Carson Palmer and the Cincinnati offense still have the talent to put numbers up on the board, but their defense has more holes than Swiss cheese and donít point to the mere seven points allowed Baltimore last week, they couldnít run up a score against a 1A High School team. Kurt Warner should be able to toss the ball around yard for yard with Palmer and I see the Cardinals winning the turnover stats
Cardinals take a victory on the road.

Carolina Panthers(4-5) at Green Bay Packers(8-1) 1:00 PM
The Panthers are continuing to struggle in the quarterback position with Jake Delhomme out, David Carr hurting again, and Vinny Testaverdeís body showing the aches and pains of age. Run that out on the road and send them to Green Bay against Brett Favre and I only see this match up going one way.
Packers continue to win, why does it feel like they are still under the radar?

Cleveland Browns(5-4) at Baltimore Ravens(4-5) 1:00 PM
The Browns allowed Pittsburgh to come back for the win last week, but this week they take on the Ravens. Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards have got chemistry and, with Jamal Lewis in the mix, this offense can put points on a scoreboard. This will be unfortunate for a Ravens defense that hasnít fallen, but does lack the intensity of former years. Add the inability of Steve McNair to end a drive in the end zone and this game should be obvious
Browns rebound after failing to hold lead last week

Kansas City Chiefs(4-5) at Indianapolis Colts(7-2) 1:00 PM
Peyton Manning was extremely uncharacteristic last week throwing 6 interceptions and really failing the Colts in many ways. So for the Colts to almost return for a win shows that they wonít hang their heads and go away, It just a shame that Adam Vinatieri couldnít rescue this team by making a 29 yard field goal. Both these teams come into this match up after back-to-back losses. Whether Damon Huard returns or Brodie Croyle starts, L.J. or Priest Holmes, this out come doesnít look good for K.C.
Colts settle back into the Ďwiní column

Miami Dolphins(0-9) at Philadelphia Eagles(4-5) 1:00 PM
Iím battling demons on this pick. Iíve got a gut wrenching call from within telling me this is the week that the Dolphins win one. Jesse Chatman has been looking good and the Dolphins looked close to upsetting Buffalo last week. In fact, the Dolphins have lost five games by only three points. So close, yet so far! However, with the ability of Donovan McNabb and the continuing performance by Brian Westbrook regardless of whether the rest of the team has come to play just wonít let me do it.
Eagles win again, will it be by three?

New Orleans Saints(4-5) at Houston Texans(4-5) 1:00 PM
Just when we all thought Drew Brees and Reggie Bush had the Saints marching in, St. Louis steps up with a little shock and awe and derails them. Now they must travel to Houston to face Matt Schaub who, according to the Houston Chronicle, will be enjoying the return of 100% Andre Johnson. This could be just what the Texans need to get back on track after what looked like a great start this season.
Texans return from bye rested and ready to win

New York Giants(6-3) at Detroit Lions(6-3) 1:00 PM
This promises to be a good match up and a difficult pick. Eli Manning and the Giants had been on a roll before Dallas gave them a reality check and Jon Kitna and the Lions seem to be sink or swim. They either dominate and win, or flounder and lose big. So, after the Giants have lost their win streak and the Lions have had a floundering game just the week before, who will be the team to bounce back this week? I originally thought Giants, but the Lions are undefeated at home this year.
After much debate, Lions win at home

Oakland Raiders(2-7) at Minnesota Vikings(3-6) 1:00 PM
Yeah, so neither team is really all that good, but Minnesota has a play maker this year in Adrian Peterson. To bad he will now be watching this game from the sideline. After suffering a humiliating shut out at the hands of Green Bay, and losing Adrian Peterson in the process the Vikings will be looking to regain some form of self esteem this week. Unfortunately the Raiders have been looking to regain theirs for a lot longer. I think this is a week that the Raiders sneak in a win.
Raiders add insult to injury, defeating Petersonless Vikes

San Diego Chargers(5-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars(6-3) 1:00 PM
After an amazing win for the Chargers last week, we are still left to wonder whether or not the Chargers are going to be a true contender this year. It may be that they win the struggling AFC West for a playoff spot, but can they really contend without their opponent giving them a lot of help? Letís face it, the Chargers offense was non-existent last week and only the luck of a missed 29 yard field goal won them a game they should have ran away with. Sure they could win again this week, but Iím not betting on it.
Jaguars continue to tail Indy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(5-4) at Atlanta Falcons(3-6) 1:00 PM
A last second toss for Joey Harrington to Alge Crumpler may have been enough to get the win against a battered and beaten Carolina team, but I donít think that will hold water as Atlanta opens their doors to the Buccaneers this week. Jeff Garcia lead this team into their bye week with a win and will look to the hands of Joey Galloway to help him lead them to a win in their return.
Buccaneers steal a win out of Atlanta

Pittsburgh Steelers(7-2) at New York Jets(1-8) 4:05 PM
Upset special? I donít think so. Jets just havenít had enough to get anything done this year. It makes last year look like a glitch in the time space continuum, or something scientifically unexplainable like that. Nope, I donít think ďBigĒ Ben Roethlisberger has any difficulties this week. No need for a comeback or game winning drive here.
Steelers win big in dominating performance

Chicago Bears(4-5) at Seattle Seahawks(5-4) 4:15 PM
No Shaun Alexander, no problem. Quite honestly, Iím inclined to believe that Alexander is beyond his usefulness after his awful performance thus far this year. The change to Maurice Morris should be a welcomed change. The Bears defense hasnít been the force they once were and although Brian Griese has been a trade up from Rex Grossman it wasnít far up. Nope, Iíll be taking the home team in this match up.
Seahawks look to hold onto the NFC West

St. Louis Rams(1-8) at San Francisco 49ers(2-7) 4:15 PM
Has Steven Jackson returned? Why not ask New Orleans. After the Rams secure their first win of the season I expect them to be driven by enthusiasm. The 49ers on the other hand have many people wondering, including me, why we thought they would be a break out team this season. Donít know if this would be considered an upset, but Iím guessing the Rams are underdogs.
Rams secure a second victory, leaving the first round draft to Miami

Washington Redskins(5-4) at Dallas Cowboys(8-1) 4:15 PM
Tony Romo and Terrell Owen are insistent that they stay among the top teams of the NFL. What better way to accomplish that than to stay atop your division. So donít expect to Cowboys to slack in a divisional match up against rival Washington. Clinton Portis may be racking up the yards for the Redskins offense, but Cowboys can easily match that with two running backs racking up yards in Marion Barber and Julius Jones.
Cowboys dominate in Texas Stadium

Sunday, November 18, 2007, Sunday Night Football
*Note: Sunday night games in Weeks 11-17 subject to change

New England Patriots(9-0) at Buffalo Bills(5-4) 8:15 PM
This game may have been moved to Sunday night because of the Bills hot streak and the division rivalry between these two teams, but does anyone really think that Trent Edwards can match touchdowns with Tom Brady? Banish the thought of J. P. Losman holding onto the start another week and having a good game. Then there is the question of the Bills defense lining up against New England, itíll be like trying to keep a candle lit in a hurricane. Personally, I can think of better games to put in this time slot that will yield a more entertaining match up.
Patriots continue a perfect season

Monday, November 19, 2007, Monday Night Football

Tennessee Titans(6-3) at Denver Broncos(4-5) 8:30 PM
Vince Young will be leading the run heavy Titans into the deficient run defense Broncos home field for this Monday Night Match up. The problem for Tennessee lies in the fact that their running core, Chris Brown and LenDale White, are all knicked up and battered. Also let us not forget how Denver stepped up against Pittsburgh. Since Vince Young isnít the best arm in the NFL, I expect the Broncos D will stack the line as they did against Big Ben and force Young to air it out. Iím taking the upset this week in Mile High and not just because Iím a homer, but because I actually believe it can happen.
Broncos take the win at Mile High

And that wraps up yet another week of picks, and what a long one it was as we return to a sixteen game week with no more byes for anyone. Will this be another week of parity? Or do the match ups play out in a predictable manner? Thatís just one more decision to make. So as we are now past the mid-season mark, and more attention will be focused on the playoff race, I want to leave you with these words of wisdom:

ďMen, I want you just thinking of one word all season. One word and one word only. Super Bowl.Ē ĖHouston Oilers Head Coach Bill Peterson
-Silver Dragon
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Silver Dragon
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Last week was a bit unpredictable as the ďAny Given SundayĒ phenomena reared its head. However, through it all I managed to hold on to an above .500 week. Not the big money maker, but nothing lost. Finishing 7-6-1 on the week, I can only hope to improve this week.
Sunday, November 18, 2007
1:00 Games

San Diego Chargers
Jacksonville Jaguars -3
Kansas City Chiefs +15
Indianapolis Colts
I just canít give up that many points. Not with the number of injuries the Colts have.
Oakland Raiders +5
Minnesota Vikings
Cleveland Browns -3
Baltimore Ravens
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3
Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals +3.5
Cincinnati Bengals
I see an upset here. Cardinals get the straight up win.
Miami Dolphins +10
Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles havenít been consistent and Miami might find hope in John Beck.
New Orleans Saints
Houston Texans (Pick)
Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers -10
A lot of points, but Favre is leading strong this year.
New York Giants
Detroit Lions +3
4:00 Games
Pittsburgh Steelers -10
New York Jets
Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys -11.5
Another large spread and being a division game this one has me nervous, but Iíll go ahead and give the points.
St. Louis Rams -3
San Francisco 49ers
I donít know whether I think the Rams are better for the return of Steven Jackson, or the Niners are just that bad. Either way, give the points.
Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks -5.5
I think this will be a fairly even played game, but the Hawks will finish with a TD win.
Sunday, November 18, 2007 Sunday Night Football
New England Patriots -16.5
Buffalo Bills
Patriots are 8-1 ATS this year, only failing to cover in the Indy match up. Give the points!
Monday, November 19, 2007 Monday Night Football
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos -2
And that concludes another week of spread picks. Good Luck to everyone.
-Silver Dragon
:redhot: Silver Dragon Says:redhot:
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage (Originally from The Dungeonmaster)
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