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Default Violence In Sports

I've often pondered this question many times, just curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this one. How is it that you can watch an all out brawl in a sporting event, broadcasted live throught the nation and sometimes even world-wide, and no one ever gets arrested for assault and battery?

Does it have to do with money? Are they somehow "blanketed" from the laws because they play professional sports? Darryl Strawberry laughed in the law's face for many years until they figured they BETTER do something about his drug problem, not to mention the brawls HE has been in. What a shame too, he was a great talent, and would have ended up in the Hall. It is guarenteed that if it was you or me, we would have been prosecuted the first time.

Oh.....how money and fame can talk.
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Well, I personally think fans of baseball and basketball should sue anyone who fights because it's an absolute embarassement to watch. But I'm sure it's a part of the contract and insurancees that allows appropriate penalties and damage receipts if you get injured during a fight while playing.

But I don't undesrtand how guys like Iverson and Strawberry, etc., etc., etc., can continually escape jail. It just doesn't make sense.
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I would assume there is some contractual agreement so you can't sue another player ... but I couldn't see something like that happen unless it was something that seriously injured another. And even then, the league usually is responsible for fines and punishment. I like it that way.
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