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Default Report on Philadelphia

In order for the team to hang on and win the NFC East without QB Donovan McNabb, the defense must carry the load. The team was ranked second in rushing offense going into week 12, but that had a lot to do with McNabb's 460 yards rushing and defenses being more concerned with him than the regular running backs.

Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson's unit has been the Eagles's strength during the last two playoff seasons. but this year it has begun to rely more on McNabb-led offense.

DE Hugh Douglas, CB Troy Vincent and FS Brian Dawkins must play at the Pro Bowl level they have achieved in the past.

The defense also needs DT Darwin Walker to continue to be dominant presence up front and DT Cory Simon, a former first-round pick, to continue to give a superior effort.

With Koy Detmer injured too rookie A.J Feely must learn quick.

RB Duce Staley becomes the focal point of the offense. Staley is having his finest season since 1999 and was on pace for more than 1,700 yards this season.

Eagles rank third in overall defense, allowing 294.4 yards per game.

Offense ranks third overall in the NFC, averaging 375.9 yards per game. St. Louis is ranked second. They play this weekend. Should be an exciting game.
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I agree with you that the defense will have to carry the load. But I think that the Eagles will still win the NFC East with ease, even without the DonoVan. I think that the Eagles will contend to win the NFC Regular Season crown this year. Thats if, like you said the defense can carry the load. Which I think they can.
The Eagles play, by far, their hardest game for the rest of the season this Sunday vs the Rams. I think that the game will be close because of the preperation that the Eagles will put into the game. Ever since the Eagles lost in the NFC Championship game to the Rams last year Reid has been focased on beating them this Sunday. The Eagles have a good pass rush that should get after Warner and either injure him or force him to throw into coverage...thats when the Eagles talented secondary will show it's stuff. With their early draft picks this year, the Eagles selected 3 DB's (with the reason of depth...contracts of Dawkins and Taylor running out, and for the reason of defending the Rams' many wideout looks.) Marshall Faulk most likely will not play, and Lamar Gordon is coming off of a concussion. So the rushing aspect (what killed the Eagles last year) of the offense will be lost for the Rams...well Trung Canidate will be in (fumble machine). I think that the Eagles offense will operate on a simple but affective basis. The Eagles will rush many a down to keep the Rams' offensive off the field. I think Feeley will be OK, the thing about the West Coast Offense is that it is a bunch of short passes I think Feeley can complete if he has help from the running game.

The Eagles last four games feature oppenents like the Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, and Seahawks...Eagles will certainly be favored for all games. If the Eagles get homefield throughout and/or are one of the top 2 teams in the NFC they will get a first round bye. This bye will be crucial for the Eagles. With the bye the Eagles will most likely have McNabb back and ready to go, without the bye, the Eagles will guessing as to whether McNabb will be able to play in their first round game.
I think that the Eagles are more than capable of winning the Super Bowl this year if they get the first round bye and McNabb back. The question I have for you is .... do you agree with me and who can stop them if my scenario is correct?

Eagles should go:13-3
Eagles will go:12-4*

*my pick...loss to the Giants
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The key for the St. Louis game will be Marshall Faulk - if he plays, the Rams win; if he doesn't, the Eagles win. No way will the Rams be able to go out there and pass, pass, pass and expect to win, especially with the temperature at kickoff time forecast to be about 35 degrees, making it Kurt Warner's coldest start ever - and that notwithstanding, warm-weather and indoor teams are 4-14 straight up and 3-14-1 against the spread since 1998 when playing on the road at a northern outdoor site in November and December when the game started in the late-afternoon time slot (not including such games played at Denver due to the earlier local starting time there). Plus Faulk's absence would effectively rob St. Louis of play action - no way will Jim Johnson's defense bite on any play-fakes if all the Rams have in the backfield is Lamar Gordon.

Seattle on December 8 could be interesting, but not if the Seahawks do avenge what Terrell Owens did to them in their first game against the 49ers; if they do, they'll almost certainly have a huge letdown next week and the Eagles would probably beat them much the way the Redskins did when they went out there last month. And even with their QB situation the Eagles still should be favored in this game, and that's a big issue because in the new millennium Philadelphia is 6-1 against the spread in road games on artificial turf, their lone non-cover being by a half-point when they beat the Bears by six in Champaign as 6 1/2-point favorites this past November 3.

And speaking of the Redskins, not only did they lose the game at Dallas on Thanksgiving, but they also lost Jeremiah Trotter for the season and Dan Wilkinson for both the Giants game on Dec. 8 and most likely for their game at Philadelphia on the 15th. True, the home team has lost five in a row in the Redskins-Eagles series, but with both Trotter and Wilkinson out Duce Staley and/or Dorsey Levens figure to run wild. After that it's on to Dallas in a Sunday night game, where Andy Reid will be looking to run his record in prime-time games to 8-0 both outright and against the line.

If the Eagles win even three of these four games, their season finale at Club Med might not even mean anything, at least so far as deciding the NFC East is concerned (the week before that game the Giants are at Indianapolis, which figures to be an extremely tough game for them, and even their Dec. 8 game at Washington may not be easy - the Redskins are 5-1 the week after their six most recent losses to Dallas). Another thing to keep in mind: Due to their 1-3 record outside the conference plus their head-to-head victories over both the Buccaneers and the 49ers, the Eagles are assured or carrying any and all tie-breakers with all the relevant teams in the NFC's other divisions in every possible combination, thus greatly increasing their chances of landing a first-round bye - even if they don't end up with the #1 seed, remember that #2 seeds have reached the Super Bowl from the NFC in two of the last five years, so as long as they're at least a #2 seed, making it to the Super Bowl is not an impossible task, particularly if McNabb does become available for the playoffs and with the Eagles not having to play on the weekend of January 4-5 if they do gain the second seed.
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Either the Philly defense is the best in the NFL, or the Rams offensive line is just that bad?

Anthony, funny how you have changed your tune....I remember you saying that the Eagles would go 7-9 after losing McNabb. They showed you up there.

Eagles really do have the East on lock down with the Giants losing yesterday to my Titans. And if they get homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, they will be in the Superbowl! The Bucs have already shown they don't fair well at Philly. And Farve would throw 5 interceptions against the Eagle defense. Now if Philly doesn't get homefield throughout, then who knows who will take the NFC crown.....but homefield and Philly is the NFC representative for the Super Bowl.

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Default Nice report

Hey Bama,
the next time u want to write a report... try not to copy it out of THE SPORTING NEWS!
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Welcome, Irishkid ... do you have a link then? Bama may have gotten info from TSN, but I don't think he'd copy anything word-for-word.
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trust me... he coppied it word for word... i get the sporting news every week
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