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Wink Biggest disgrace of the bowl alliance/ BCS era...

With the meetings last week over the future of the BCS, and the uncertainty of the setup after the contract runs out after the 05 season, perhaps the BCS' days are numbered. Here are my picks of the 5 biggest disgraces brought on by the bowl alliance/ BCS, beginning in 1996, thus far. Comments, additions, subtractions ?

5. The first victim of $ came in 1994 when the Orange Bowl Committe, sighting the new 3 bowl alliance with the Fiesta and Sugar, move the Orange Bowl game to Joe Robbie Stadium. A precursor to the modern day BCS, the Bowl Alliance moved the Orange Bowl's great tradition away, and robbed college football of one of it's institutions.

4. In an act against all that is holy, Michigan plays a game AFTER the Ohio State matchup in 1998. The first time since 1934 that the two rivals don't end the regular season against each other. In the first year of the BCS, the Wolverines take advantage of the NCAA rule allowing a 12 game season if you play a game in Hawaii. While never fully recognized by the University, many feel the Wolverines' motives were derived by $ and possible BCS points, which are now needed to attain a BCS bowl birth. Extra money for the Hawaii game itself, more BCS points for the win, and ESPN televises the game as well, making their usual tidy sum of cash. A sad day for all.

3. The 2002 BCS Bowl lineup... In accordance with BCS rules, the only 2 undefeated teams in the country play each other in the Fiesta Bowl, about the only thing that went right for the BCS this year. The Orange Bowl, deprived of their Big East Champion in Miami, is allowed to pick Iowa to play in southern Florida, which in turn, puts Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl. For the second year in a row, and what many thought would not occur even though it was there on paper, neither one of the two Big Ten co-champions play in Pasedena. Adding to the fact that the alleged " experts" on the Orange Bowl Committe picked their matchup wrong ( Oklahoma playing USC in the Orange would have been a MUCH better game, while allowing the two more evenly matched traditional teams in Iowa and Washington St. to play in the Rose) and this was truly a nightmare. Florida State, winners of the ACC, with a horrible team, get the automatic BCS bid and have the pleasure of being destroyed by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. In effect, we had one great game in OSU-Miami, while having to suffer through 3 HORRIBLE ones due to the BCS.

2. The 2000 season ends with Oklahoma beating Florida State in the 2001 Orange Bowl for the National Championship, 13-2. The game was utterly dominated by the Sooners while Miami and Washington, two opponents much more worthy of a bid, IMO, win their respective bowl games. Miami beat FSU earlier that year, and Washington beat Miami too. How FSU could go instead of one of those two? Still baffles me to no end.

1. January 3, 2002...The Rose Bowl. On college football's darkest day ever, a series of acts against the football gods occurr. First, a list of traditions broken...
A) The Pac 10- Big 10 Alliance, which stood since 1947, flushed down the drain.
B) The first time in it's 88th game, dating back to 1902, The Rose Bowl is not played on Jan. 1 or 2.
C) The first night game in Rose Bowl history, breaking the customary 2:30 start, Pacific time.
D) Neither a Big Ten or Pac Ten team play in the game, marking the first time EVER.

Add to this, that the game featured Nebraska, a team that LOST it's last game of the season, and still managed to get in the National Title game, this was a huge farce. The game was a blowout, while Oregon demolished Colorado in their bowl game, the team that deserved a shot at Miami, which would have allowed some tradition to maintain with a Pac Ten team playing.

The biggest slap in the face was Miami University, which represents all that is evil, felt the grass underneath their cleats at the Rose Bowl. Pretty much the equivalent of Satan himself holding the tablet of the 10 Commandments.
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