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Default Silver Dragon's Week 7 Picks

Week 6 ended another brutal week for me in the NFL picks. Although I continue to keep my head above .500, it most certainly isnít anything to write home about. I was the only one upset about my upset picks and the Saints finally won a gameÖthat in itself should sum it up for me. Last week I finished 7-6 for another mediocre week. This brings my running total to 51-38 (.573). Itís time for a turn around. This week Iím looking to bounce back and come on strong. Only one way to do that, and thatís to get this show on the road.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Open Dates: Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers

Arizona Cardinals(3-3) at Washington Redskins(3-2)
How far down the depth charts do you have to go to keep a quarterback on the field? Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner played musical center. However, Leinartís injury handed the job over to Warner full time. Now Warner is out and the Cardinals find Tim Rattay as their new starter and he starts by putting up three INTís. This may not look good for Arizona, especially on the road this week.
Washingtonís Defense makes Rattay wish he was back on the bench.

Atlanta Falcons(1-5) at New Orleans Saints(1-4)
I keep pulling for the Saints and pulling for the Saints only to be let down time and time again. So I give up and pick them to lose. That was last week. And last week Reggie Bush came to play while Drew Brees only passed to his own receivers. David Patten had a breakout day and the Saints finally put one in the win column. Dare I pick them this week? Should I pick them this week? Or am I destined for disaster with this team this year?
Saints march it on home against the Falcons.

Baltimore Ravens(4-2) at Buffalo Bills(1-4)
After the Bills performance against Dallas before their bye week Iím not sure picking the Bills to win this week would be much of an upset. Yes the Ravens are 4-2, but the only teams theyíve beat above .500 isÖwell, actually, Arizona is exactly at .500, so the Ravens have yet to defeat an above average team. If the Bills defense can pick off Tony Romo then theyíll pick off whoever starts for the Ravens, Steve McNair or Kyle Boller. The question will be how often Trent Edwards will turn over the ball.
Bills home crowd energy is enough for the win this week

New England Patriots(6-0) at Miami Dolphins(0-6)
Um, yeah, right. At this point, Miami should just save themselves the embarrassment and just forfeit this game. Tom Brady and Randy Moss are hot enough to beat the Dolphins alone. Patriots are just too hot, and the Dolphins are just too cold.
Patriots will remain undefeated

San Francisco 49ers(2-3) at New York Giants(4-2)
Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress have continued to connect but the Giants as a whole arenít the most dominate team this year. This may be true, but the 49ers will be traveling across three time zones with Trent Dilfer at their lead. Letís face it, Trent Dilfer isÖwellÖa backup with a 43.3 passer rating. Need I say more? No, Iím afraid all 49er fans are going to have to continue to wait for another win. It wonít come this week in New York.
Giants continue to roll on their winning streak.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(4-2) at Detroit Lions(3-2)
The Lions have been an interesting team to watch this season. Their offense has been a bit up and down, but entertaining none-the-less. Jon Kitna made a 10+ win promise at the beginning of the season this year, and although he may not hit that mark, heís making a God honest effort. With Kevin Jones easing his way back onto the field and having a bye week before getting back on the field, the Lions will host the Bucs who have been making a little run of their own. Hmmm, tough call, Iím going withÖ
Bucs give Lions their first home loss of the season.

Tennessee Titans(3-2) at Houston Texans(3-3)
Titans will travel to Houston unsure whether Vince Young will return or whether Kerry Collins will be their quarterback. Houston welcomed Ahman Green back last week and should be feeling more complete with the return of Andre Johnson. Yeah, yeah, I know, Iíve said Johnson was coming back for the last three weeks. Just shows how reliable information this early in the week can be, but this week I think itís more likely to be true. With the team more intact, or should I say with Matt Schaubís favorite receiver back, Houston defends their home turf.
Houston wins one at home

Kansas City Chiefs(3-3) at Oakland Raiders(2-3)
The Raiders have shown some improvement since Daunte Culpepper got behind center. And LaMont Jordan has had the bye week to mend a few wounds. But the Chiefs pass defense has been good, and that may cause problems for Culpepper, and maybe LaMont Jordan hasnít healed enough now that Larry Johnson seems to have found his feet. The Raiders may be improving, but can the Chief survive the Black Hole this week?
Raiders rob Chiefs of the chance at a winning record

New York Jets(1-5) at Cincinnati Bengals(1-4)
The Jets only win has come against Miami, and that one was even close. The Bengals only win, against a better Baltimore team. Thatís one Bengals. Jets have been averaging 17.5 points a game, Bengals 24.2. Two Bengals. Jets have given up an average of 25.7 points a game, Bengals 31.2ÖOK, yeah, the Bengals defense has been a bit awful. That one goes to the Jets. Home team? Bengals. Jets one, Bengals three. So why do I want to pick the Jets in this match up? Maybe itís the Bengals Defense.
J.E.T.S., Jets, Jets, Jets!!!

Chicago Bears(2-4) at Philadelphia Eagles(2-3)
Itís official. The Bears defense is no longer a threat. Whether heís good or not, you simply canít let a single running back run up 224 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns and call yourself a defensive team. At least Brian Griese has decided to give their offense some production, and, oh yeah, Devin Hester! Man that guy is good. Donovan McNabb flings a TD or two this week and Brian Westbrook uses some of the holes Adrain Peterson left in the Bears defense.
Eagles win at home and move to .500

Minnesota Vikings(2-3) at Dallas Cowboys(5-1)
Adrian Peterson proved he could be lightning in a bottle last week as he absolutely shredded the Chicago defense for 224 yards and 3 touchdowns. However, the Cowboys arenít Chicago, and Dallas will be looking to redeem their selves after the beating they took from New England. The Vikings defense can be stout, but Tony Romo will aim to return to his early season self.
Cowboys continue to fight to stay above the NFC

St. Louis Rams(0-6) at Seattle Seahawks(3-3)
For two weeks in a row we have seen the Seahawks under perform. Although Pittsburgh may have simply been the better team, very few saw New Orleans coming out of nowhere to slap the Seahawks at home. After giving New Orleans their first and only win, will the Seahawks offer the Rams the same gift? No, I think New Orleans earned it, the Rams will need Seattle to lay down and give it.
Seahawks shake off daze and win.

Pittsburgh Steelers(4-1) at Denver Broncos(2-3)
Pittsburgh is a smash mouth running team, and although Denver has one of the best pass defenses in the NFL, even Indianapolis chose to run the ball toward a win before opening up the pass late in the game. Jacksonville ran the ball and San Diego ran the ball. At this point Denver needs to stop the run or kiss their season goodbye. Iím going to call it a hunch, that Shanahan has addressed this problem during the bye week and that all the talent on the Denver team will start to find some honest to God chemistry this week. Iím going to call it a feeling. Everyone else is going to call it a homer pick. Either way, thatís fine with me.
Denver begins to turn their season around with a home win.

Monday, October 22, 2007 Monday Night Football

Indianapolis Colts(5-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars(4-1)
The Jaguars have been running the ball on everyone lately. Not to mention that Maurice Jones-Drew enjoyed a lot of run yards (166) against the Colts in last years second match up. This game promises to be a good match up, but the Colts defense have been holding up MUCH better against the run this year and Peyton Manning may still have a little bit to say about the final score again this week. Even with a good possibility that Joseph Addai and Marvin Harrison will remain questionable this week. May sound like the makings of an upset, but somehow Iím not sure Manning will tolerate it on a Monday Night in front of the Nation.
Colts remain undefeated as they get one step closer to New England

So once again the weekly picks come to a close. Itís time to get it on!!! Get pumped up!!! 14-0!!! This is the week!!! In the words of Vince Lombardi, ďIf you arenít fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.Ē Letís get ready for some Football!!!
-Silver Dragon
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Silver Dragon
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Better late than never, games havenít started yet so Iíll get my ATS in a quickly as possible. Finishing last week 6-5-2, it was an improvement from week 5, but not enough. Letís see what we can pull off this week.
Sunday October 21, 2007
Arizona Cardinals
Washington Redskins -9
Atlanta Falcons +8
New Orleans Saints
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills +3
New England Patriots -17
Miami Dolphins
San Francisco 49ers
New York Giants -9.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2.5
Detroit Lions
Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans -1.5
Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders -3
New York Jets +6.5
Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings +9.5
Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles -6
St Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks -8.5
Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos +4
Monday, October 22, 2007 Monday Night Football
Indianapolis Colts -3.5
Jacksonville Jaguars
Quick and simple, short and sweet, and I can only hope accurate and correct. There are the picks, tune in next week for the results.
-Silver Dragon
:redhot: Silver Dragon Says:redhot:
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage (Originally from The Dungeonmaster)
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