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Default Rocball Salvages VB Side=Out

C V R (Congratulations Volleyball – Rallypoint) 2/8/03

I just read where the NFHS Volleyball Rules Committee, U.S.A. has mandated that High Schools will play volleyball with rallypoint point scoring by year 2004 – 05. This is appropriate. No one, FIVB included, seemed to be able to get the side-out scoring system worked up to the level of competition needed to improve athletic irecognition or generate more spectator activity.

Do international salvage rules apply to abandoned sports systems? Volleyball’s side-out scoring system is fertile with absent objectives. As the founder of Rocball, I would be more than happy to claim salvage rights on W.G. Morgan’s side-out rules of play for volleyball.

Morgan’s game of volleyball is an excellent resource for developing a balanced offensive and defensive team net sport, where the team in service (offense), has the scoring advantage, and the receiving team (defense), works against the advantages of the serve for the service teams scoring advantage.

In Rocball both teams have the opportunity to score. And, basically, it is volleyball’s old side-out system of scoring that determines which team has the scoring and game winning advantages.

Thanks to the powers that be for their failure to be able to work with volleyball’s side-out system of scoring, to what seems their abandonment of volleyball's side-out system of scoring, and for their official adoption of the rallypoint system of scoring.

Best regards,

Jim Feger
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