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I will do this
Danny:I haven't even told my father I'm not gonna get that scholarship. I'm gonna end up working in a lumberyard the rest of my life.
Ty:What's wrong with lumber? I own two lumberyards
Danny: notice you don't spend too much time there
Ty:I'm not quite sure where they are
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Thats the spirit, dave!
Something witty and clever goes here
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Marc will become famous soon enough

Originally posted by lmanchur.
One thing people have to understand about the stock market is that you never... ever... win OR lose money until you sell.

And yeesh Marc, give it up already. Not all of us have oodles of money from the rentals to get all these gadgets, employ grad students, pay rent, pay bills, live a life, get a degree, etc. I'm good-enough off, maybe better than most students, but only because I budget well and know what my limits are. Go play your stock market and never work like a regular man, I don't care and I will praise you for it, but I'm just tired of hearing about it!
Give what up? I was only responding to buckeye on a topic that really interests me (stocks). All of the gadgets and stuff I buy are from my own earned money, and I'm sorry you can't respect that. I'm somehow less than other people because I didn't bag groceries or work the drive-thru lane? Do I need to shovel dirt and mow lawns to become a "real man"? Give me a break. And there are many people involved in the stock market and investing that don't "work like a regular man," and there's nothing wrong with that.
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buckeyefan78 is a jewel in the roughbuckeyefan78 is a jewel in the roughbuckeyefan78 is a jewel in the rough


I ACTUALLY worked the drive thru, bagged groceries, and dug ditches in high school and college.

I am MAN, hear me ROAR !!!!!!! :redhot:

Just kiddin' with ya...
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I just figured out, for the few of you who are in it, that you have to press "update" in order to update how your stocks are doing and have your score resubmited for the rankings.

If anyone else still wants to join, please do. We could use a few more people.
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I'm joining, you should ask people from my forum to join in.
You got a knife and a dictionary and still can't cut a promo right, I'm the new big thing, your just a prototype...Wordlife
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