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Cool NFL Caught in Late '70s Time Warp!

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The whole NFL seems to have been transported back to the years 1978 and/or 1979 - at least several of its teams anyway.

Cases in point:

San Francisco 49ers: Appear to be headed for their first 2-14 season since .... 1978 and 1979.

New England Patriots: Eerie parallel between the current Charlie Weis sitiuation and that of Chuck Fairbanks in 1978.

Philadelphia Eagles: With T.O.'s injury, their offense now bears an uncanny resemblance to the one they had back around 1978-79: Their running game is led - and indeed, consists almost exclusively of - an undersized running back (Wilbert Montgomery then, Brian Westbrook now) and their starting wide receivers are completely devoid of any big-play ability whatsoever (Harold Carmichael and Charlie Smith then, Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell now). And with his present hairdo Donovan McNabb has the '70s thing down perfectly (sorry Donovan, but Pam Grier is too old for you - way too old!).

The AFC-NFC season series: In 1979, the AFC won 36 interconference games to the NFC's 16; through Week 15 the AFC leads this year 39-19 with six games remaining.

The NFC West: The Rams won it in '79 with a 9-7 record - then managed to win their way into the Super Bowl, where they were beaten by the Steelers (who were in it and won it in '78 as well - and doesn't it look like almost a lock that Pittsburgh is going to be in it again this year?). The Seahawks would need to win out to match the record of the '79 Rams.

What more can say? Get your sun roof down and your diamond in the back, and enjoy the rest of the ride!

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Always next year
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One can learn so much about the NFL past that it would take hours to find this info else where if you even knew where to start.
The Curse of the Peanut.... I don't think I would have ever known!
You are indeed a wise man when it comes to football.

Always look forward to your posts.

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