2020 NFL Fantasy Games: Best Values

As the NFL season continues, the league is now on its Week 10 Playoffs. Seven more matches to go for all teams competing for the NFC and AFC sides, then the second round will take place. It will be the Divisional Playoffs, which might settle in early January.

There are six teams per conference that will participate in the second round; four of them are the top seeds, while the other two are wild card finishers.

The race to the Lombardi trophy is almost near the second phase, which means the Daily Fantasy Sports football will continue to deliver huge betting games. In fact, most bookies are focusing more on fantasy football sports aside from the regular wagering games it offers. DFS football offers excellent prizes, that's why punters are after these fantasy games.

As you go along and make changes to your current DFS roster to play fantasy football, here are NFL's Week 10 best quarterback picks. They lead in scoring Daily Fantasy points for the past weeks and will indeed have a higher chance of performing well in the next matches.

Aaron Rodgers

Topping today's DFS best-valued quarterback player is Aaron Rodgers. In Week 9, the Green Bay Packers won against the San Francisco 49ers in a 34-17 game run. Rodgers got the fans' attention both in real and fantasy football games because of his impressive performance. It is the reason why the Packers are maintaining a top seed spot for NFC North with six wins and two losses.

Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks dominated the NFC West's seeding as they now lead the race with six wins and two losses. Wilson worked hard to lead his team, and his efforts were not wasted. That said, he is also one of the best QB picks you can consider in your upcoming fantasy football lineup. In Week 10, the Seahawks will go up against the Rams, and Wilson will surely bring out the best in him.

Kyler Murray

The Cardinals sit a step behind the Seahawks as the second-best seeded team in NFC West. They currently earned five wins and three losses. Kyler Murray had shown impressive performances, especially in the fantasy games that's why he's a good QB pick to consider in Week 10. They will face the Bills in the next few days, and this can be a make or break it game for them.

Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans have one of the toughest schedules in today's NFL campaign. That said, their fate looks different as they only won two games and lost six of them. Although this team is still hoping to come back in the late games, Deshaun Watson contributes well, including in DFS football.

Josh Allen

This year's biggest underdog, the Buffalo Bills, is enjoying a good top seed placement at the AFC East. Josh Allen continues to impress the football enthusiasts as well as the fantasy players. The Bills dispatched the Seahawks in Week 9, and Allen was the biggest contributor to the said success. Today, he's one of the QB's you can pick in your fantasy football games, which can offer an impressive payout.

Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens have heated the 2020 NFL opening games smashing their rivals without mercy. However, in the past few weeks, the team seems to run out of gas as they currently settle as the second seed for AFC North. On the other hand, Lamar Jackson is undeniably a superstar QB to pick in the fantasy games as he can still offer big plays and impressive payouts.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees, one of the veterans QBs, is still offering a good value in fantasy football games today. The Saints are topping the NFC South games with six wins and two losses. Brees was one of the reasons why the Saints are doing well this season. That said, you will never have any doubts about picking him as one of your players in many DFS football games moving forward.

Jared Goff

The Rams currently sit at the third seed in the NFC West with five wins and three losses. This team continues to work hard to earn their spot in the second round. Jared Goff is also making sure to play productively for the team, which he had done since the opening day. Today, he is one of the QBs that can offer an excellent value in DFS football.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady had not gone wrong after joining the Buccaneers this year. They are in a better position today in the NFC South with six wins and three losses. Brady remains a strong pick you can get in the DFS football games as he can surely put play into action.


Now that the NFL is on Week 10, the fantasy football games are also heading to the said pace. Bookmakers are starting to offer the best DFS football leagues, especially that tougher rounds will start in the next few months. If you are looking for a reasonable profit as you wager in more DFS football games, the QBs enumerated above can offer you the best value.

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