2021 Diamondbacks: Hope For What?

On Sunday the Arizona Diamondbacks took a 7-4 walloping from the L.A. Dodgers.

Sure, for D-backs fans, that sucks. But you can't win them all, and the Dodgers are still one of the hottest teams in the league. They have the second-best record of any team — as of today, only a game behind the SF Giants — and are the odds-on favorites to win the pennant.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Diamondbacks have had some tough luck this season. As of the time of writing this, the D-backs are 26-66, adding up to a pitiful .283 win percentage. Heck, even the never-do-well Baltimore Orioles are two games better with 28 wins. This number makes the Diamondbacks not only the worst team in the National League right now, but the worst team in both leagues.

Diamondbacks Struggling, But There's Hope

The Diamondbacks currently own the worst record in the MLB. And when you do any Google searches about the team, you'll find headlines like "Historically Bad" and "Bad Baseball is Better Than No Baseball." But hey, Arizona sports fans have the Phoenix Suns. True to the town's name, they've risen from the ashes and are in a great position to win the NBA Finals.

So, cross-sport fans can feed off that glory while the D-backs spiral down into a possibly historically lousy season.

But it's not all doom and gloom. According to my favorite power rating site, the D-backs are rated above the Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, and Pittsburgh Pirates. Unfortunately, these rankings still show that the Diamondbacks will likely finish with the worst record in the league. But they technically are not the worst team ... go figure.

That said, even if the Diamondbacks spring to life and go on a significant winning streak, Arizona is stuck in the NL West. And the sportsbooks in Arizona believe that the Diamondbacks don't have much of a chance. As of June 1st, their odds have fallen all the way to +20,000. The long number implies that the Diamondbacks have less than a 1% chance of winning their division this season. To be exact, the odds imply a 0.5% chance. So, a half of a percent.

Why is this? Because the two other teams in the NL West have the best records in all of baseball. Back to back double-digit losing streaks don't help, either. They recently lost 17 straight. And just before that, they lost 13 straight.

Plus, Arizona has one of the top 10 hardest remaining schedules. This could be compared against the NY Yankees and how their future schedule falls right on the average mark. But they do have a chance to win a few over the next couple of weeks.

Up Next For the Diamondbacks

They face the Cubs for three, then the Pittsburgh Pirates for three, then the Cubs again for another few, before heading to Texas to play the Rangers for a pair of games.

Pittsburgh is one of the few teams in the league rated lower than the D-backs, so maybe they can get two wins out of that series. In their six games with the Cubs — who are only rated a couple of positions ahead — they have a great shot of at least splitting wins. And the same goes for Texas. If they get that done, they might be able to keep their heads above the waters of historic lows, and they flounder above its depths.

I mention this because right after this string of bottom-tier teams, they face the Dodgers, Giants, Padres, then thee Giants again in a four-game series. That stretch provides the potential for a 16-game losing streak. I mean, the last time they played the Lads in blue, the score was 1-22. I mean, seriously ... when's the last time we've seen a score like that?

Yes, there is some hope. But hope for what? Hope that the Diamondbacks only have a crappy season and not a franchise-record terrible season? Hope that this terrible season provokes some excellent trades during free agency and incredible offseason moves, coupled with a great learning experience that pushes the Diamondbacks to be contenders in 2022 or 2023?

Hope for what?

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