2022 Super Bowl LVI Betting Odds

Super Bowl LVI will be played this coming Sunday, February 13th at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals and NFC champion L.A. Rams will battle it out in the big game on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Cincinnati Bengals finished the season with a 10-7 record to win the AFC North Division. They then proceeded to defeat the Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans, and Kansas City Chiefs in their three playoff games to book their spot in Super Bowl LVI.

The L.A. Rams won the NFC East Division with a 12-5 record. They then went on to defeat the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers in their playoff games to advance to the Super Bowl.


The Los Angeles Rams are 4-point favorites according to most online sportsbooks. The Rams did have the better regular season, and the fact that the Super Bowl is being played in the Rams home stadium is surely also affecting the odds. If you're interested in betting on the game, check out this How to Bet on the Super Bowl from America article.

The money line at most betting sites has the Rams as around -190 favorites. This means you would have to risk $190 to win $100 betting on the Rams to win the game outright. These odds imply that the Rams have a 65.5% chance of winning the game. The Bengals odds are typically around +170, which means you would win $170 from a $100 bet on the Bengals, and that the Bengals have about a 37% chance of winning the game. The extra 2.5% is the juice.

The over/under for the game is set at 48.5 points. Over bets would win if 49 or more points are scored in the game by both teams combined, while under bets would win if 48 or fewer points are scored in the game.

There is also a huge selection of prop bets you can make on Super Bowl LVI. Player props and team props allow you to bet on basically every statistic taken during the Super Bowl. And special props such as half-time props, Super Bowl commercial props, National Anthem props, and more, allow you to bet on every aspect of Super Bowl 56. Here is a fun list of 10 of the stranger prop bets you can make on this years Super Bowl.


Here are a few interesting historic facts about Super Bowl LVI.

As I mentioned above, the L.A. Rams will be playing the Super Bowl in their home stadium (SoFi Stadium). This is just the second time in Super Bowl history that a host cities team is participating in the big game. The first time was just last year when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Joe Burrow is in this second year in the NFL after being drafted by the Bengals with the No. 1 pick in 2020. Burrow is the fastest No. 1 pick QB to advance to the Super Bowl, having made it to the big game in just his second season.

Matthew Stafford was drafted by the Lions with the No. 1 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Stafford took the longest of any No. 1 QB draft picks to advance to the Super Bowl (many never did), doing so in his 13th season.

That's two No. 1 draft pick QBs taking very different paths to their first Super Bowl.

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