AFL Clubs Open to Festival of Footy’s Return

AFL clubs have been calling on the AFL organization to consider reintroducing the Festival of Footy in the next new season, due to the numbers of corona successfully reducing with the guidelines and restrictions in place. Despite the halt, AFL odds and betting is still in full swing online, meaning that fans can still have a piece of the cake and feel in tune with their favorites when everything is currently working at a much slower pace than usual.

Currently, there have been some straight days of football from the league, however to have a continued season would definitely lift the spirit of fans and players everywhere. In total, a season equates to 33 games, so if things pick up the pace once again, things could feel like the good old pre-COVID days again.

Clubs now need to endure a much reduced and restricted game schedule, with four playoffs a day, which is very crammed and stressful for players. However, the reason for this, the AFL did not want to cancel the playoffs, but much rather get them over and done with immediately.

However, due to feedback and TV ratings as reported by CNN, it could look like the AFL will decide to go back to the usual game blocks as before, as this has shown the most support. Even the chief executive is in support of this idea, to do the usual game setup within the next seasons of the commencing year 2021.

It is a great thing that the AFL do take criticism and feedback from both players and fans very seriously. As after all, the profits and seasons success depend on these parties, so taking into consideration their preferences, is very diplomatic, despite all the current years setbacks.

Fans have been interested to introduce a winter season for the Festival of Footy, and that is something the AFL wishes to come through in late 2021. Sports in the colder and longer winter days are always something to lift spirits up and therefore it will definitely be something on the top of the list, a spokesman from AFL quoted.

The AFL have always had the NBA to model their game runs and times off of. The current schedule that the NBA runs on is highly favored by the fans and definitely something they could base their next season around-in terms of game structure and the number of matches fans have to watch in each game day.

The fear of overrunning too many games in one day can sometimes be pushing it too much into fans' faces and if anything tires the audience out. Everyone has a schedule that they have to fit the Football around, so by spreading the matches out more casually, everyone can still enjoy the occasional matches at their own leisure without it feeling too rushed.

However, if they perhaps run a vigorous block of games one day of the week in the middle of winter, this definitely could be something that is more achievable, rather than every day. So now, it is just a case of finding the right balance that works for everyone. Yet there is no doubt about it, a shortened block schedule is definitely in favor by both fans and players.

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