Basketball Pundits You Should Know About

Whether you have ambitions of gambling professionally, or you just bet a few bucks on a game now and then, sports analysts are pretty handy people to know about. You may consider yourself to have a relatively in-depth knowledge of your favorite sport and team, but it is always useful to listen to alternative perspectives. When it comes to basketball, that is where basketball sports analysts (aka pundits) come in to play.

Why Listen to Sports Analysts, Anyway?

No matter how frequently we bet on sports matches, there is always going to be an element of risk involved. Most of us are pretty adverse to losing our hard earned pennies in any circumstance. To reduce your chances of losing when betting, it pays to consult a variety of sources. Sports Analysts are just one such source that may come in useful. After all, our chances of winning the lottery may be slim, but with the right strategies, it's not unheard of to win big on basketball games.

Sports analysts are expert individuals can help us in our betting decisions. Perhaps they have additional information on an upcoming game or that status of the players that we would not otherwise know about. Alternatively, perhaps they are former basketball players themselves and they can help us look to the game from an entirely different angle. Some specialize in college basketball, others in NBA. Take note accordingly.

Basketball Pundits to Pay Attention to in 2019

1. Charles Barkley

Chances are that if you like NBA basketball, you will have heard of Charles Barkley. If not, we can only assume that you have been living under a rock for the last few years. He is one of the most well-known basketball pundits and for good reason: the man knows what he is talking about. Formerly known as "The Beast," Barkley was one of America's best NBA players back in his heyday. As such, he can provide value insights into the games he predicts. He empathizes and shares what the situation is like for those out on the court.

2. Steve Kerr

Former NBA player Steve Kerr currently holds the position of head coach at California's Golden State Warriors. Not only has he gained a reputation of being great at predicting outcomes for his team, his general insights and game analyses are often pretty spot on. As such, he has gained something of a cult following of people that listen to his predictions. Kerr is certainly one to watch, even if just by way of following him on Twitter to see what he has to say about each game.

3. Zach Lowe

Sportswriter and podcaster Zach Lowe is a favorite among many basketball fans. While Lowe may not have former experience out in the trenches as a player, he certainly has a lot of expertise in watching and analyzing the games. Providing detailed analyses and thoughtful observations, Lowe is very much worth listening to. His personality and humor shines through effortlessly making for enjoyable predictions.

4. Nate Duncan

In a similar vein to Zach Lowe, there are those NBA fans who swear by Nate Duncan's predictions. Duncan is the NBA sports analyst behind the popular "Dunc'd On" podcast. The podcast proudly refers to itself as being the most detailed NBA podcast in existence. With season predictions, scouting, extensive breakdowns, and salary cap analysis, Dunk'd On is certainly worthy of such an accolade. The Dunc'd On podcast should be on every basketball fan's radar. Instead of listening to the boring, crackly radio on your commute to work, consider downloading this and ramping up your game knowledge.

5. Doris Burke

There's NBA, and then there's WNBA. An excellent analyst across basketball games for both genders is Doris Burke. Burke manages to dominate in a predominantly male industry and is highly respected across the country for her analytical mind. After previously focusing on WNBA analytics, Burke now works for both ESPN and ABC as an NBA analyst. She also shares her personal thoughts and estimates on her social media handles and is well worth keeping on your radar.

6. Bill Raftery

The NBA may be considered as being the big boy leagues for basketball, but college basketball matches are still every bit as exhilarating in their own right. Whether it's nostalgia for our previous colleges or just a general love of the sport, many of us follow along with college basketball just as much as we do with NBA. When it comes to college games, analyst Bill Raftery is a voice to listen to.

Bill Raftery is a former college basketball coach-turned-analyst. He may be 75, but he is still going strong and still possesses a stellar reputation in the industry. His years of experience and his close dealings with players in his former career make him a seasoned pro at predicting game outcomes.

7. Chris Broussard

Offering informative insights, yet still managing to remain hysterically funny, light-hearted, and entertaining, NBA analyst Chris Broussard is a favorite among many sports fans. Broussard offers up his thoughts for FOX Sports, after previously working as a columnist.

If you are a basketball fan, it is worth researching and hearing out as many basketball pundits as possible. From there, you can whittle down the list so that you have a few go-to favorites to listen to in order to help with any betting predictions.

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