Best Tottenham Hotspurs Players

The history of Tottenham has been defined by the many incredible players that have graced the pitch over the years and been featured on the Infogol football app. Greatness comes in different forms depending on who you ask, from those who scored the most goals to those who provided the most loyalty to the club over the course of their careers. But one thing is for sure, these players remain some of the best in the club's history, both past and present.

Pat Jennings

Tottenham's goalkeeper from '64 to '77, Pat Jennings was an assured player in goal and played 673 games for Spurs when he signed at just 19-years-old. At a cost of £29,000, it could possibly be the best money the club ever spent, and despite leaving for Arsenal and returning seven years later, Jennings was still as popular as ever and considered a hero among fans.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane has had a brilliant career so far that shows no signs of slowing. In 2014 and '15, he earned 25 goals for the team and earned the golden boot in the process, followed by a further 22 and another golden boot the following season. Kane is the first Spurs player since Jimmy Greaves to score 20 or more goals in three consecutive seasons. At just 23, he has plenty of time to prove himself even more and remains a popular choice for football bets, given his amazing talent on the pitch.

Glen Hoddle

Glen Hoddle was a Tottenham midfielder from 1975 to 1987 and is still considered to be one of the most skilled players to ever play for the club, with over 10 years of magic moments that delight fans to this day. In 2007, Hoddle was inducted into the National Football Museum Hall of Fame for his unrivaled passing and shooting ability, as one of the most gifted footballers of his era.

Jimmy Greaves

A Tottenham striker, Jimmy Greaves is one of the best-known goal-scorers in footballing history, scoring a whopping 266 goals in 380 games for Tottenham alone and 366 league goals throughout his career -- a record that remains to this day. He was signed for £99,999 in 1961 and proved to be the missing link in what became the greatest Spurs side ever.

Ledley King

Ledley King is famous for performing far beyond his limitations and is praised by Spurs fans for his legendary playing. Despite knee injuries forcing him to retire in 2012, King was a terrific player who was highly rated as a central defender for the club.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker may have had a short stint with Tottenham, but it doesn't make his contribution any less impressive. He served as a striker for the team, arriving at White Hart Lane from Barcelona where he became the highest scoring British player in La Liga history. Lineker is one of the best scorers in England's history and provided undeniable value back in the 1991 FA Cup semifinal, when he scored twice to defeat Arsenal, going on to help the team beat Nottingham Forest in the final.

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