Bet on the UFC 251 Online

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC 251) is scheduled to start by July 11, 2020. Fans will yet again witness another fun-filled sporting event that they can wager in. During UFC 251, everyone can expect eight prelims matches, which is part of the undercard games. Five games will also commence for the main card that fans will surely enjoy.

With the upcoming UFC matches taking place at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, a massive betting game awaits all MMA bettors worldwide. It's well-known in the betting industry that UFC is a sporting event with easy betting games fans can play. Moreover, it doesn't require a lot of money to layout, and huge prizes await if you win consistently.

With the UFC 251 happening in a few more days, this is the best time to get to know the fighters up close by reviewing their overall skills. While you do that, here are the UFC betting games you can wager on during the UFC 251. Make sure to be guided with these betting categories so you won't waste money during the games.

Totals/Over-or-Under Bets

The over-or-under bets are among the easiest betting games you can gamble in the UFC 251. It's also the most popular one since many bettors are playing for this category. In this game, the bookies will set a round total between two players who can last shorter or longer inside the cage.

Here are some few over-or-under MMA bet listings.

● Over/under 1.5 rounds — this game mostly applies to a match where both fighters have equal aggressiveness. For you to win over, the fighter should win the fight over 2.5 minutes in the second round. On the other hand, for the under, the fighter must end the fight before 2.5 minutes.

● Over/under 2.5 rounds — it is the most offered MMA betting game where you can win the over if the fighter over 2.5 minutes in the third round. For under, the fighter should accomplish the match in less than 2.5 minutes during round three.

● Over/under 3.5 rounds — it is offered to most championship games where the tournament usually comes in five matches. For a bettor to win the over bets, the fighter must end the fight over 2.5 minutes in the fourth round. On the other hand, the under bets will win when the fighter finishes the match in less than 2.5 minutes, still during round four.

Moneyline Bet

This MMA betting revolves around betting for a fighter that will most likely win the entire match. It doesn't matter how the fight would look and will end, as long as you pick the winning entry, you win the prize. The oddsmaker will set the value between the two fighters composed of a favorite and an underdog.

Although this is the easiest and most popular betting game to play in the UFC, the competition is tough, and stakes are high. To identify the deserving winner, it's always best to know the fighters and the match they are playing. You can also research their previous achievements and statistics to know how far they can go inside the cage.

Method of Victory

The method of victory is also another in-demand betting game you can play in the UFC 251. There are many ways that the fight can end, and you only have to guess which one it would be. Here are some betting games that fall under the method of victory betting.

● By submission — it is where the fighter ends and wins the fight via submission. However, the judges will still score each fighter, and the ones who got the most votes from them will win the match.

● By knockout — it doesn't matter which fighter will win the match as long as you bet for the fight to end via Knockout. If you do, you get the prize.

● Inside the distance — you can bet and win when one fighter ends the fight via knockout or submission.

Decision Victories

If you want your MMA betting games to be more creative and entertaining, decision victories are a good choice to gamble. Here are some decision victories you can wager and win.

● Unanimous decision — it is where all the three judges score a fighter to win the match.

● Split decision — the two judges score one fighter the winner while one judge gives the other fighter their favor.

● Majority decision — is where the two judges favor one fighter to win while the other one scores the whole game as a draw.


In the upcoming UFC 251, MMA fans won't only witness action-packed matches, but also massive betting games to gamble. If you want to grow your betting bankroll instantly, make sure to find which of the MMA betting games listed above you think is best for you. With the right category and lady luck on your side, you might win a significant amount.

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