Biggest Soccer Tournaments For Betting

When speaking about sports in the United States, people typically mention baseball, American football, basketball, and ice hockey. But soccer was always popular from a participant point of view. Many people play soccer in the U.S. However, the number of viewers of soccer is much lower than the other four major sports.

The revitalization of the Major Soccer League has changed the status of soccer in America for the better. Globally, soccer is the most popular sport, with an estimated 3+ billion fans. Comparable to, for example, American football, which only has around 350+ million fans worldwide. As the popularity of soccer in the United States grows, so does the viewership numbers and number of people that bet on soccer. Below, we will list the most popular soccer tournaments outside the US, both when it comes to viewership and soccer betting.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is an international soccer tournament that was established in 1930. It is held every four years, where the 32 best international teams compete. The last FIFA World Cup was played in 2018, where reigning world champions France won the title. Besides the 32 top teams, over 200 national teams participate in the qualifications. So, there is no wonder that the highest record for viewership for soccer events in the U.S. is the FIFA World Cup finals.

When it comes to betting, before play commences, it is difficult to predict the first matches of each team. Unless you know a lot about the teams, it might be good to hold off on betting until after the first round. Other popular bets for the FIFA World Cup is outright winner and overall top scoring player.

The United States soccer team can still be up and coming, continuously improving over the past 30 years, waiting for a breakthrough and a golden generation. The best result for the U.S. national team was reaching the quarterfinals in the 2002 World Cup.

UEFA Euro Championship

The second-biggest soccer tournament is the UEFA Euro Championship. Coincidentally, the UEFA Euro Championship 2020 is being played right now. It just started on the 11th of June and will be played for the next few weeks until it concludes with the Euro finals on the 11th of July.

The UEFA Euro Championship was first played in 1958. As the name suggests, the region of play is Europe, where only European teams participate. Twenty-four of Europe's best national teams participate. A majority of whom are in the top ten of the best nations worldwide. Fifty-five national teams participate in the qualifications.

When it comes to betting, there are plenty of sites where you can find the best betting tips EM 2020. Betting sites will write betting guides and betting tips on what bets are good to place on specific matches and, similarly to the FIFA World Cup, good outright bets and player props.

CONMEBOL Copa América

Soccer is a religion in most countries of South America. As such, it should come as no surprise that CONMEBOL Copa América is the oldest major international tournaments. It was established in 1936. It is essentially the UEFA Euro Championship of South America. Copa América usually features twelve nations from the South American region. Often, two nations from North America or Asia are invited. As late as 2016, the United States participated in CONMEBOL Copa América for the fourth time. Where we were the first-ever non-South American nation to host the tournament, that year was also the United States best finish, reaching the semi-finals with three wins.

Due to the pandemic, only South American teams were invited to Copa América 2020. Brazil is huge favorites to win Copa América 2020 at 1.95 in odds. Similarly, to the other two international soccer tournaments, out rights and player props are popular markets to bet on.

As the popularity of soccer in the US improves, so should the results of the national team in international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and CONMEBOL Copa América.

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