Blackjack Guide

Here's an exciting card game where your objective is to draw card value that totals 21 or come closer to 21 than that the dealer. In blackjack, all the card values count at face value with the exception of the Ace, which is counted as 11 or 1, and the Jack, Queen, and the King, which count as 10.

Playing the Game

Blackjack starts with the dealer dealing you with two cards, face-up and dealing himself with two cards, one facing down. This facedown card is the "Hole Card" and he'll only look at the card after you've played your hands. Once you've been dealt with the card, you can choose to "hit" -- ask for more cards or "stand" -- not to ask for more cards. While hitting, ensure that you get close, but don't exceed a hand value of 21.

Now when it comes to the dealer's turn, he/she is required to turn over the hole card and act according to the house rules or the game rules. The dealer is required to draw cards until he attains a hand value of 16 and stand once a hand value of 17 or more is reached.
At the end of the game, should your hand value be the same as that of the dealer, the result is a "push" and you'll be refunded your bet. Should you have a hand value greater that the dealers but less than 21, you win the bet. Also, you are a winner if the dealers hand exceeds 21!

The Blackjack

A "Blackjack" occurs when you get any ten-value card and an Ace. In the event that you have a Blackjack, the dealer will announce that your hand is a Blackjack and you'll be paid if the dealer lacks a 10 value card or an Ace as the face-up card. Otherwise, the dealer will have to turn his hole card and should both hands result into a hole card, the result is a 'Push'. If not, you win the bet.

Important Blackjack Terms

Splitting Pair

If your first two cards are a pair with the same value, you can split them and play them as two separate hands. This is referred to as splitting the pair.


If an Ace is the dealers face-up card, you may decide to take insurance. Taking insurance means placing a bet -- which doesn't exceed your original bet by 1.5X -- on the insurance line. If the hole card is a King, Queen, or Jack, you win the bet and lose if the hole card is any other card.

Where to play Blackjack

At some of the top online casino websites, you can be sure to find a blackjack of your choice. These games include the American Blackjack, the specialty multi-hand blackjack and the classic blackjack games. If this doesn't please you, try some of the exciting live blackjack casino tables and have a real life experience of a land-based casino through your mobile device or PC.

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