Caged Warfare Comes to Las Vegas

When it comes to the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the events come thick and fast and even though a global pandemic has halted many sporting disciplines over the past year or so, the show has certainly gone on within the world of MMA.

Because with fight mogul Dana White thinking outside the box, the octagon has still been used as an environment for caged warfare through the pandemic. Although Abu Dhabi has been the home to many cards in the past 18 months, it is Las Vegas which will next play host to a major UFC event.

A UFC event that comes round in double quick time, as the 266th edition of the global fight promotion sees Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega headline what looks set to be a stunning evening of fighting action on September 25th.

An evening that will certainly see the online betting sites become rather busy and with many of the best sportsbooks offering odds on both the main and undercard fights, there is the opportunity to win from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, for those who partake in an element of caged warfare, they do not have the luxury of sitting at home and if Brian Ortega is to earn the UFC Featherweight gold for himself, he is going to have to do it the hard way.

The hard way, which means getting the better of current champion Volkanovski and when you consider that the Australian has a 22-1 overall MMA record, that is something that will be easier said than done.

Not only that, but Volkanovski currently possesses a 19-fight winning streak -- with the only blot on his professional copybook coming back in 2013, as he lost to Corey Nelson at the Australian Fighting Championship 5 event.

Since that TKO defeat eight years ago, there has seemingly been a fire lit under the New South Wales-born combatant and anyone who has attempted to stand his way, have all met the same unfortunate demise.

A demise that has seen win after win be recorded and although critics will point to the calibre of opponent not being as strong as it could be, the 32-year-old can only beat what is in front of him and his last eight wins have come under the UFC fight banner.

His debut with the world number one fight league came back in 2016 and the first person to feel the Australian's wrath was Yusuke Kasuya, as the Japanese fighter succumbed to a flurry of punches in the second round.

From there, six more wins would be racked up and arguably the most notable of those was the last of the half-dozen, as he got the better of Jose Aldo at the UFC 237 event in Brazil's Rio De Janeiro.

That unanimous decision was one that then thrust him into championship contention and just seven months after his May 2019 success against Aldo, he would be paired with Max Holloway at the UFC 245 event.

With Holloway entering the fight as the champion, he would depart as the now former and with Honolulu-born star losing by virtue of a decision -- albeit an unanimous one, a rematch would surely follow.

Something that was certainly the case last July, as Abu Dhabi was on hand to host UFC 251 and with the two men tussling once more, the eventual outcome was the same, as Holloway was foiled by the judges once again.

This time it was a split decision and with Holloway claiming that a champion can only truly be crowned by way of a knockout or submission, one wonders if a third and final bout will be scheduled by UFC President Dana White.

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