Criticism of La Russa’s Lineups Remains

The Chicago White Sox have managed to enjoy a decent start to the 2022 MLB season, as they stand at 21-20 for the season, after coming off the back of a series win against the New York Yankees.

Perhaps one of the best teams in Major League Baseball at the moment, the New Yorkers will no longer be a problem for the Illinois franchise. That is unless they meet in the postseason.

Fiery series between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox

Nonetheless, things appeared to be rather fiery between the two organizations at the Yankee Stadium recently, and it would seem as though Tom Anderson channeled his anger through his bat and thumped the ball out of the park on a couple of occasions.

Of course, there was a fracas that took place in the game on Saturday that saw the benches being cleared following a comment that was made by Yankees designated hitter Josh Donaldson towards Anderson that was deemed to be "racist," and it seemed to leave some bad-blood as the two iconic MLB sides met in the doubleheader on Sunday.

However, as highlighted, White Sox managed to channel that energy and use it to help them take a clean sweep on the day, having experienced a defeat on that controversial Saturday. After being defeated 7-5, fans in Illinois watching on will have been delighted to see back-to-back wins of 1-3 and 0-5 on Sunday at the Yankee Stadium.

Anderson hits big

Anderson put in an impressive performance in the second of the two games after sitting out the first, as he managed to hit a 3-run home run in the eighth inning of the game to give Chicago the 0-5 victory. Naturally, as fans continued to boo him and heckle him as he stood to the plate for each of his five bats, he put one finger over his lips and shushed the home crowd as he ran around the pitch and stepped on the home plate.

Indeed, whilst the team's efforts were incredible on Sunday as they limited the Yankees to just one run on 11 hits over 18 innings, Anderson's performance stole the headlines, and it is hardly a surprise given the circumstances.

His home run managed to travel a huge 357 feet after being able to hit Miguel Castro's hanging slider, increasing his batting average in the process; standing at .359 for the season. Currently, he is now enjoying a .407 with 14 runs scored, including three homers, and 12 RBI in his last 20 games.

Will the World Series be in their sight?

Naturally, with that kind of form, there may be some that are wondering whether the Chicago White Sox will be able to bring some glory back to Guaranteed Rate Field and perhaps land its first World Series in almost two decades, following their 2005 success.

Of course, it has been an extremely long time for everyone in Illinois to have tasted success in the MLB, with IL legal sports betting now available for everyone in the state to potentially enjoy and participate in, then there might be some that may feel this year is possibly their year.

However, those that may consider placing a bet on the franchise's chances of winning the World Series this season, or even potentially on any upcoming game to be played, might want to think wisely about how the coach can have an impact on those chances.

Indeed, whilst Tony La Russa's team is currently competing and doing very well in the MLB this season, he does have a tendency to be a little unpredictable. Whilst what he does may not necessarily be unpredictable, the changes he makes can sometimes throw fans off guard.

This season has seen the White Sox manager look to continually change his side with every single game that they play, regardless of what had happened in the previous fixture. Whilst that appears to have been okay for the time being, there would have to be some concern that this particular method is something that may not necessarily be sustainable; especially if they want to challenge for the World Series this season.

Huge criticism aimed at Tony La Russa

If you take a look at the Da Windy City fan blog, it is clear that there is plenty of criticism regarding what Tony La Russa is currently doing in regard to the lineups that he selects. In fact, some have called it a "big joke," thus emphasizing how unhappy they are with how things are turning out.

They mention that they feel the White Sox is a very good baseball team -- which is undeniable at the moment -- and is a team that has a chance of being able to win every single game that they ever take to the field because of the talented roster that they have.

However, they are concerned with the bad lineups and the managerial decisions being made, as they continue to question whether La Russa actually knows what he is doing. They basically want to see the team play its best lineup in each and every game, thus helping them to potentially end the near-two decade drought that the organization and its fans have had to endure.

In truth, they have a point, as other teams have continued to follow this formula, and it is one that almost every single team in sports -- professional or otherwise -- looks to try and follow as much as possible. So, why do La Russa and the White Sox feel they need to be different?

What is next for the White Sox?

As of the time of writing, and following the conclusion of the series with the Yankees, the White Sox have a mini-break as they will begin a three-game series against the Boston Red Sox in what will likely be a challenging set of fixtures.

It will be interesting to see if Anderson is able to hit the batting plate as he did on Sunday, and see what La Russa decides to do in regard to his lineup.

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