eSports Games on Crypto eSports Betting Sites

eSports (electronic sports) are a new category of sports games involving video game competitions. Not to be confused with virtual sports, eSports involve live players competing in video games. This sport has surged in popularity in recent years, leading to the creation of crypto eSports betting sites.

Although eSports appeared first on traditional staking websites, the development of the online betting scene led them to cryptocurrency staking sites. Nevertheless, a lot of gamblers are unaware of this development and the advantages it offers. This article will discuss the appeal of Bitcoin eSports betting sites and provide additional advice for potential bettors.

How Do eSports Games Work?

Compared to conventional sports competitions, eSports games are more versatile as lots of popular games are available. Such games include Starcraft, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Street Fighters, Overwatch, etc. Besides the newer games, others, like Super Smash Bros, have a huge fan following, allowing them to remain popular.

Since most eSports games are like competitions, winning occurs in a variety of ways, such as:

* Winning a match
* Capturing the flag in a capture-the-flag game
* Scoring the most points or goals in a sports game
* Having the highest kill count in a shooting game

Setting wagers in an eSports game goes beyond selecting a winner, as that would undermine the uniqueness of the sport. Therefore, Bitcoin eSports betting sites have come up with several ways to wager on eSports games, like:

* Wagering on the Winner -- This is the simplest form of betting on crypto eSports betting sites. Newbies to crypto eSports betting sites usually start from here, as it's similar to other forms of punting. This type of wager is popular in sports games like football, basketball, and Madden; alongside fighting games like Mortal Kombat.

* Handicap Wagers -- Sometimes a team of strong elites may be slated to play against a weaker team. Since the stronger team has a high probability of winning, they're given a handicap (or disadvantage) to even the odds. This could be a numerical value that'll be extracted from their final score, making it harder for them to win.

* Tournament Wagers -- Sports games like football and basketball can sometimes be played as tournaments similar to their real-life variants. Alongside the popular method of wagering on a winning team, Bitcoin eSports betting sites follow the normal sportsbook bets. So punters can bet on a team to reach the round of 16, on a team to score the first point, etc.

Pros of Playing eSports Games on Crypto eSports Betting Sites

eSports bettors will adore the many fantastic advantages that crypto eSports betting sites have to offer, which include:

* Stakers enjoy a large degree of anonymity when using Bitcoin eSports betting sites
* Crypto eSports betting sites provide a wide variety of bonuses for eSport games
* Punters are provided the opportunity to bet on a wide range of eSport games
* The fluctuating value of cryptocurrency can allow a bettor's win to be worth more

Cons of Playing eSport Games on Crypto eSports Betting Sites

Even though Bitcoin eSports betting sites offer many advantages to players, there are some drawbacks as well, such as:

* A punter's win may become worthless due to the fluctuating value of cryptocurrencies
* Due to a blockchain's anonymity, punters can never recover their funds if a crypto eSports betting site scams them

How Do I Play eSport Games on Crypto eSports Betting Sites?

Playing eSports games on a crypto eSports betting site is very similar to playing them on a traditional online casino. The main difference is the wager used and the simplicity of opening an account at a crypto eSports betting site.

Interested punters can follow the guide below to start wagering on their favorite eSport games on crypto eSports betting sites:

Choose a Trustworthy Crypto eSports Betting Site

The level of entertainment that an eSports fan can experience greatly depends on the Bitcoin eSports betting site they use. Making a wrong choice can lead to a horrible stake experience. You can use the guide below to select a suitable best Bitcoin eSports betting site.

Look for Licensed Platforms

Licensed Bitcoin eSports betting sites have been certified by recognized staking authorities to be trustworthy. Such sites are less likely to con you or offer unfair games with dishonest odds.

Check Their Online Reputation

The online reputation of a crypto eSports betting site represents the views of individuals that have visited the site. Reviews from review sites or even social media posts from various punters online give a glimpse of that site's reputation. If the reviews and posts are positive, you can visit the site -- if not, you should avoid it.

Check Their Customer Support

All good crypto eSports betting sites offer reliable customer support, where they'll reply speedily to customer queries. You can determine this by personally using their customer support channels or checking the reviews of others.

Deposit and Withdrawal Channels

A reliable Bitcoin eSports betting site is supposed to offer a variety of withdrawal and deposit methods. Because there are so many options available, customers can select the ones they are most familiar with.

Register With That Crypto eSports Betting Site

The next step is to choose a crypto eSports betting site and register with that site. Luckily for stakers, the registration process of a crypto platform is straightforward and requires nothing more than a little personal information. In extreme cases, two-factor authentication would be required.

Obtain Cryptocurrency

The digital coins to be used in making wagers on that crypto site can be obtained from cryptocurrency exchanges. Punters can acquire cryptocurrencies by purchasing them with fiat currency or exchanging them with other cryptocurrencies. After obtaining the cryptocurrency, the staker can transfer it to their account on that staking platform using their public key.

Choose a Game and Wager

The staker can place bets on any eSport once the virtual currency has been deposited into their casino account.


eSports have become more popular due to the public's increasing interest in video games. You can win lots of cash in the eSports sector by staking on games using a Bitcoin eSports betting site.

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