European Football’s Origins and Popularity

Football's roots were planted in England, in 1863, when rugby and football separated their ways and became two different sports. Since that time, European Football has emerged as a powerhouse in international events with the FIFA Club World Cup inscribing the last six editions in favor of Europe.

Rules have been changed to increase the entertainment level and more and more competitions are being introduced. Whilst this may be a positive aspect from a fan's perspective, players and coaches feel that it may be getting a bit too hectic, with breaks becoming less and less frequent.

There does exist some controversy over who exactly created the game, as some historical records point towards China, with the Ancient Greeks and Romans also having their say.

Football Sponsorships in Europe

One aspect of the way football is promoted is through the use of sponsors. Billions of dollars are spent every year, with the main industries being gambling and food and drinks. It is very easy to find some decent promotional offers online and Bet365 are probably one of the best bookmakers around. In order to get the bonus code, you would need to visit some promotional websites.

Live betting is aggressively promoted, especially during half-time, and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) which regulates online gambling in the UK has clamped down on operators televising such offers during this time, as they claim that many underage people are being targeted, intentionally or not. In Italy, there has already been a similar ban in place for some months now.

European Football Attendances

Attendances in European Football greatly depend on the success of the national team in the European or World Cup. Germany has enjoyed much success in recent editions and this has helped to spike attendances, making them the leading European country for average attendances. Moreover, German teams, such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, also fare well in the European Champions League. England is second in the rankings after placing fourth in the last World Cup. Although an English side has not won the Champions League for a long time, they still perform well overall, which also makes them contenders for packed stadia.

Spain and Italy dominated World and European competitions in the past and Spanish teams, in particular, continue to impress with their results. The tides of fortune are known to change quite rapidly, so you can expect things to evolve even more.

Main Adversaries of European Football

South America is the most successful continent after Europe, with Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay the main threats. Brazil and Argentina continue to breed champions which are later tempted to migrate to Europe for richer fortunes. As a National Team, however, both countries have failed to live up to their expectations in the last few World Cups.

It is also possible to bet on South American league matches on platforms such as Mansion, one of the more reputable operators in circulation. Some research is recommended before placing any bet though as some leagues are less predictable than others.

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