F1 Circuits Sports Fans Shouldn’t Miss

If you're looking for the "creme de la crème" of motorsports, Formula 1 will give you a spectacular experience. The races are spread across several continents as drivers compete for a world championship. It's a battle for the best technology in racing cars that different car manufacturers such as Mercedes want to showcase their prowess.

The Formula 1 circuits follow an annual calendar that provides guidelines for die-hard fans and casual spectators. It helps to keep up with the table standing as you follow the high-speed action. If you're anywhere in Down Under, you might want to buy tickets for Formula 1 Australia and experience this thrilling motorsport. There are several Formula 1 races you can choose to attend.

There's a 24-race calendar for the current season, but here are the seven best Formula 1 circuits you shouldn't miss:

1. Las Vegas Grand Prix

The world's entertainment capital gets to debut in the Formula 1 circuit 2023 calendar. The race will happen at night to showcase Las Vegas nightlife and scenery in the city street circuit category. It's an eagerly anticipated motorsport fixture, and both drivers and fans can only imagine the excitement of racing in the well-illuminated streets of Vegas.

Motorsports commentators can only reserve their Las Vegas Grand Prix judgment until November 2023. The track promises to challenge participating drivers' racing skills in the street circuit for the race. Moreover, fans can expect to visit iconic landmarks as they await the race to start on Saturday night.

2. Miami Grand Prix

The Miami International Autodrome is still in its infancy in the Formula 1 circuit. It joined the ranks in the F1 calendar in 2022, and organizers had a tough time choosing a suitable track out of 75 possible locations for the race. The circuit goes around the Hard Rock Stadium and offers a spectacular F1 experience for fans. In addition, the Miami Grand Prix is a mixture of trackside entertainment, memorable nightlife, excellent beaches with plenty of sunshine, and high-speed city street circuit racing.

3. Australian Grand Prix

Since 1996, Albert Park has been hosting F1 races in 'Down Under.' It falls in the city parks circuit category and offers wanderlust for fans looking to experience street and permanent tracks for the circuit. It has a central location that enables spectators to enjoy Downtown Melbourne and the seaside part of St Kilda. Access to the park is through free trams and affordable social amenities such as food courts and pubs.

Since the pandemic, the organizers have improved the track circuit to enhance racing and spectator experiences. Fans can expect a four-day action-packed event for the Australian Grand Prix.

4. Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco street circuit should be on your bucket list if you're looking for glamor, beauty, and a high-speed racing experience. It's one of the oldest F1 circuits that challenges drivers' navigation skills. The twists and turns of the track are spectacular, and fans look forward to seeing how the drivers approach those sections of the race.

Besides the racing action, on-track parties attract a significant crowd. However, the cost of staying in the principality makes Circuit de Monaco one of the most expensive F1 Grand Prix.

5. Singapore Grand Prix

Marina Bay Street Circuit is the original night race in F1. The host Singapore provided the city center as the site for the high-speed motorsport action. It's a tourist event offering outstanding food, shopping, and accommodations. Fans can walk to the racing event and position themselves in the spectator areas to party through the night. But it can be pretty expensive for travelers on a budget. Singapore Grand Prix also has big concerts to entertain the fans in attendance.

6. Italian Grand Prix

Autodromo Nazionale Monza is over 100 years in the F1 calendar. It's located in the largest city park in Europe, flanked by leafy suburbs of Monza in Milan, Italy. Besides attending the race, Italy is a tourist destination, and fans can collect memorable experiences while cheering on their favorite racing team in the Italian Grand Prix. The die-hard fans of Ferrari, popularly known as Tifosi, chrome the event and make it an enjoyable experience.

7. Mexico Grand Prix

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is one of the most well-organized F1 races. It attracts huge crowds due to nationwide Day of the Dead celebrations. A spectacular atmosphere for the circuit is what fans can expect for gracing the event. The Mexico Grand Prix racing site is in the Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City Park. Access to the circuit races is via the local metro, and you can enjoy the regional cuisines and affordable accommodations.


The Formula 1 organizer has been looking at expanding the annual calendar following the sport's popularity. Now, 24 circuits are on the list as some make a comeback and debutants join the event. For fans looking to enjoy high-speed racing, it's crucial to consider the cost of tickets and the locations of the circuits. Learn the guides each Grand Prix host provides to ensure you get details of the underlying event.

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